Half of Americans anticipate a U.S. civil war soon, survey finds.

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  1. Does anybody know if there's any cosmetics in the Black Panther bundle that are locked to their respective skin (E.G Mjolnir and Thor/Cap)?

  2. Thanks for helping the team at Epic swat these bugs! If you haven't provided the information already, please share the following to help Epic Games:

  3. I agree I kind of like having to wait it makes the next episode way more exciting and having discussions about an entire season isn’t as fun as episode to episode imo.

  4. Don't know why you're getting downvoted but I heavily agree. Weekly models allow people to talk about and hype a show for a few months as opposed to maybe a month if the whole season was dropped at once. The best middle ground I see is, releasing a few episodes in the first week and then releasing one episode every week afterward.

  5. Just for a quick fyi the Italian renaissance which is widely considered one of the greatest eras of art in history birthed capitalism in Italy and was deeply entwined with both the philosophy of it and the economic system.

  6. The difference between capitalism then and capitalism now, is that we're currently in late-stage and people from the Italian renaissance would've never fathomed some online artform that is egregiously monetized.

  7. If renaissance artists had the internet they would absolutely do the same shit people are doing today lmao they were humans too and they absolutely cared about things like getting paid, making a name for themselves, proving their product was the best etc. They’d all form collectives and companies because that’s literally exactly what they were doing back then.

  8. You basically proved my point that if renaissance artists were under late-stage capitalism, they do the same shitty thing companies do now. That being said, there is still a huge difference between capitalism then and current, there's no "what if" that will make it a reality that renaissance artists could somehow fathom how capitalism and the world will progress hundreds of years later.

  9. Does your Vox Hunter Reactive skin still change? I just got it and for some reason it doesn't work for me. The back bling and harvesting tool work just fine but the skin itself stays at it's neutral state regardless of eliminations

  10. I just checked and yeah you're right. The skin doesn't change while the back bling and harvesting tools do.

  11. Don’t forget to use someone’s referral link before you activate the Quest 2. It gives you and that person $30 store credit each.

  12. I think I read someplace that it asks for proof of Quest purchase info before it will let you get Beat Saber as the freebie. Although I've seen a couple of posts from people who have bought it before the price increase who were able to get BS free when they activated today.

  13. Can confirm. I bought the Quest 2 a week ago and got Beat Saber for free when I activated it today. They also didn't ask for proof of purchase.

  14. Did you activate using a FB account I assume? I have an old Oculus account but am not sure about how this will play out with converting to a Meta account or getting BS on the Oculus account.

  15. Yeah I did it with my original Oculus account that I merged with burner FB account. I plan to unlink them when the Meta accounts roll out though.

  16. It could roll out anytime in August not necessarily August 1st.

  17. Just bought a new quest that hasn't been activated yet

  18. Hey, did you have a stand-alone Oculus Account or did you connect it to Facebook?

  19. So you're telling me steam for example with their index doesn't absolutely slaughter anything ps can put on the table?

  20. Evolve wasn't released as an F2P game. It was buy to play with DLC out the ass, so much that they had

  21. Yeah, I know about Evolve didn't launch as a F2P (F2P occurred with Stage 2). But "gating actual playable characters or usable guns behind ridiculous predatory paywalls or grinds." is still a huge thing like with League, Valorant, and Rainbow 6 Siege. R6S isn't even F2P either.

  22. Expect this wasn't future content. It was day one and near day one content behind a paywall of an already full priced game. Those other games get a bigger pass being f2p, the content being stuff added continuously years after release, skins, etc. They really aren't comparable.

  23. May you elaborate on "this wasn't future content" exactly? Evolve launched with a buyable "season pass" to get playable characters when they come out much like Rainbow 6. Also, live service games do actually launch with mtx which again falls in line with Evolve. In fact, I'm not sure of a live-service game that didn't launch with mtx in recent years.

  24. Not interested how? First I’ve heard of this and as far as I know the game was still supposed to come to Xbox.

  25. Can't think of a worse franchise than TLOU for a Fortnite crossover. It's a franchise that is all about the horror of violence and deep grounded emotions. Would Druckmann really want to see Ellie shoot a fucking Morty in the face and say a stupid catchphrase?

  26. I feel like we can say this about Kratos (the super serious and tragic god killer) but he's still in Fortnite. That being said, I'm pretty sure Sony is the one with the say in it, not Druckmann.

  27. Bro they are considering legalizing same sex marriage a full decade after the US did.

  28. And Cuba has abortion legal while the US took that away for 90% of the states. That's not to mention nearly all of the GoP party (so ~50 of US politicians) don't want to safeguard contraceptives as evident as the votes going through the house. That being Cuba is still damn bad but let's not act like same-sex marriage is the only indicator of social issues.

  29. I wish it's just this person's parents. In Hialeah FL (where it's 94% Cuban/Cuban Americans), most of them vote Republican who want to keep sanctions up.

  30. Perfect Dark was Crystal Dynamics not Certain Affinity.

  31. That scene is obviously an outlier because the fight afterwards, where Goku, 18, and 17 got stuck under the Ribrianne fans' black hole attack. 18 couldn't get up and Goku went into SSB to break out of it. If we follow your logic then the power scaling would be "SSB Goku -> Winged Ribrianne -> Giant Ribrianne -> 18 -> Ribrianne fans' black hole attack -> SSB Goku"

  32. Doesn’t change the fact that he still brings her happily and she’s helpful and stands up against the big threats. Goku clearly needed her help and she delivers it. And she easily holds up against characters that Goku and Vegeta can’t just “go SSJ and blink away” like your bullshit claim.

  33. I've already conceded that she was more popular than Bulma lol. Though if you're going strawman points and ignore "SSB Goku -> Winged Ribrianne -> Giant Ribrianne -> 18 -> Ribrianne fans' black hole attack -> SSB Goku" point as well, then there's nothing you can add to this conversation.

  34. Jan 6th was not worse. Only one person died and it was at the hands of police. Whereas a dozen or so people including children were murdered in the autonomous zones, by their own residents.

  35. Attempting to overthrow democracy from a world superpower, no less, is definitely much worse.

  36. I wouldn't recommend it, as almost all the filler in the original Z is really good. Of course, you're not missing too much by watching Kai, but the filler in Z is great, along with Kai's adaption of the Buu arc being weak.

  37. Maybe the individual filler episodes is fine but the way the filler kills the pacing to actual canon arcs is horrendous (E.G 4 hour Goku vs Freeza fight). Also if the person is watching dub, Kai is straight up improvement in the script and with the VAs actually being experienced by that point.

  38. Nope. It’s the only way forward. You are not getting the 400 million guns in circulation back. The only other option is good guy carry.

  39. The country could actually invest in mental health and social safety nets to prevent people doing crime. Of course, that won't actually happen with the GoP around.

  40. And as long as the left continue to blame inanimate objects for the actions of deranged people nothing will get done either.

  41. Leftists aren't blaming guns (Hence the SRA, and that Marx gun quote), you're thinking of the average liberal. That being said, liberals definitely do more for mental health than the GoP.

  42. I mean you can add extra options and whatnot, but I feel like at some point the game should be considered "done", and you should move onto the next thing.

  43. Evil Empire is working on a new IP so we got that to look forward to. We don’t know the genre however

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