1. I was not diagnosed with ASD because of my age when I was at the COE, but after a metric-fuck-ton of therapy and self work, it's seems likely. I'm 38 now and have been out of the FD for three years. I did 14 years before I burnt out during the pandemic. I worked in a high volume and very fast paced FD; pre-pandemic we were a 20 to 30 runs a tour company, during the pandemic is slowed down a bit but so much more obnoxious.

  2. The tiny taco stand on Linden, next to Fatback's. Also, Fatback's.

  3. I haven't eaten at that taco stand, but I did drive past it the other day for the first time and I have no doubt they're slinging excellent food.

  4. We are fans of Amber Rose on VAlley Street. It's the only family-owned and operated restaurant that has been serving up delicious Eastern European and ethnic cuisine for over 30 years on the East side. The menu features a wide variety of dishes, from traditional favorites like pierogi and golash to more modern fare like schnitzel. The food is all made from scratch using fine, local ingredients, and it is always cooked to sizzling perfection.

  5. Fun fact, in some places on the east coast of the US they call this setup a Taxpayer.

  6. There was a Married with Children episode that shows what happens.

  7. I just watched that one. The Bundys wrecked that family that told them to be quiet, great episode.

  8. THC isn't schedule 1, marijuana (cannabis) is. That's a plant not the active drug. Peyote, a cactus, is schedule 1.

  9. I like the wire frames, I think they don't overwhelm your face and their shape is complimentary.

  10. The AR might be crazing - the AR coating starts to delaminate from the lens. Might have been a bad coating job. Crazing is usually more linear cracking though, you described it as circles.

  11. Minotaur - if you look at a global perspective, they (specifically Marco Meggiolaro) have done more for robot combat than any other team competing this year. Marco pretty much single-handedly brought the sport to Brazil (which today is one of the biggest countries for robot combat.) RioBotz literally wrote the book on combat robotics that is still widely followed to this day. Even in just a BattleBots perspective, Minotaur tearing Blacksmith to pieces is easily the most popular and famous fight of all time, and the popularity that fight brought probably was not a small factor in the show getting bought by Discovery after ABC dropped it.

  12. I second this. I was leaning Witchdoctor until I looked at my bookshelf and saw Riobots.

  13. Taking this opportunity to let people know about the summer equinox BBC broadcast for the winter equinox for the scientists in Antarctica. If you have a shortwave radio you can get a decent signal outside and it’s so much fun to tune into. It’s like a variety show of music, skits, messages from loved ones. It’s encouraged that people all over the world tune in and report on how clear the signal was in their part of the world so the BBC can collect that data.

  14. I've cut scripts much much stronger than this and have not had any of those repeat customers complain of headaches when I asked about how their old pairs worked for them.

  15. Is it common to have the lenses cut locally? The glasses place I go to is expensive but still ships them out to be ground in a prison.

  16. A lot of shops have to order certain lenses and when they arrive the lenses are dialed in, cut to shape, and the glasses are finished. We don't keep any single vision blanks over a - 6 SPH on hand, so anything over that we order.

  17. Rentoid is a slur of such quality that it could only have come from the mind of the most mouth breathing of basement dwellers.

  18. Dwaaaa, that attempt at an insult says a lot more about you than it hurts my feefees.

  19. I'll just downvote and let you die alone and forgotten. Why break a trend.

  20. Just for context, the governor of Minnesota just signed one of the best legalization bills I’ve seen in the US:

  21. Vanlifer and current medic. AEDs and chest compressions are life saving, aspirin is not but it helps and is easy to carry. Everyone with a heart attack is going to get aspirin if they haven’t by the time they get to the hospital

  22. Wilderness First Aid certified here (basically an Assistant Scoutmaster with a weekend of training): We were told "baby" aspirin is useful in the >30min from help situation we are likely to find ourselves in on the trail. Source:

  23. You can def pass a clot and have a stroke with a heart attack, as to how effective aspirin is on stroke prophylaxis secondary to MI I don't know. Like I said, it's useful for other stuff, weighs nothing, and might be useful.

  24. HUGE is a bot I couldn’t make sense of at first and I didn’t care for it. But the more fights I saw, and the more I saw how cool the team is, I started to enjoy them. Now HUGE is one of my favorites.

  25. Yo, same. I started to really respect their struggle to make their concept come to life, and this season it looks like HUGE finally arrived. I'm 100% a fan.

  26. Stopped by there last week and got the Delivery Boy. Damn good sandwich.

  27. I think Triton’s four small wheels are what makes it unique. If they went with two large wheels, it would be even more similar to Tombstone, and they might not get accepted

  28. I agree they shouldn't just build a reskinned Tombstone, but they need to get innovative with how they keep traction because they're losing a ton of energy and doing nowhere near the damage they should when they hit.

  29. I'm going to nominate Triton vs Horizon. They just spun around the box in circles the whole match with small bumper boat style hits here and there. Neither bot looked good in that fight.

  30. I was really hoping that was going to be a kinetic fight, but not even close. Until Triton fixes its wheel situation, it looks mean, but it has no ass behind its hits.

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