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  1. or just write proper names and then run code minification, which will turn them into a() and b()

  2. When will they address the WireGuard issue for android? They did it for iOS...

  3. Both, quite a few apps now support light/dark/night mode settings, where dark mode is just dark ui and night mode focuses on using black where possible to make use of oled screens

  4. And why can't you test viewmodel behavior? Adding use case inbetween creates an extra test classes and false test coverage but remains practically the same

  5. I think mapbox can do what you need and more

  6. Im running a lot of mods. Do you have a particular type of mod youd like to know?

  7. honestly no, I just like throwing the net out there sometimes and seeing if there's anything to add to my own collection :P the armor is sick though

  8. As other comments noted you can use lateinit, but if you want to look into a more common practice nowadays look up viewbinding

  9. But dont worry about doing things up to date immediately. If youre just learning kotlin then focus on achieving your result, it will net you some understanding even if the precise technology is outdated. Good luck

  10. Depends on the company, as we can see from the memes - some companies expect a junior to have multi year experience, while others consider a junior to be someone with basic understanding of the programming language used

  11. Not sure if all platforms have this, but on some split tunneling is a feature, allowing you to exclude apps from vpn tunnel

  12. Where I'm from even small firearms require intensive background check and psych evaluations, as well as proper training. And you have to keep it locked in a safe which can't be stolen as well

  13. I see the ads for all these new flippy phones and am very happy to be a backend developer

  14. Honestly most of the handling is done on the OS side and android devs hardly have to many any changes to support these devices

  15. I'm thinking more about mobile web and responsiveness. But my frontend knowledge is a few years behind

  16. I would asume handled by browser, and even then mostly handled by os since the browser is just another app :D

  17. I dont think the leak includes the actual password, just website that leaked and some info about the leak

  18. I was gonna look it up because I thought it would be worth a laugh to see map porn. Then I realized map doesn't mean map anymore it means MAP. Fuck I hate this world.

  19. According to earlier comments, Minor Attracted Person. But this one's not that! Give it a whirl

  20. Aware of the subreddit, they reach the front page occasionally, never woulda thought about alternate meaning for map though

  21. Depends how they do it, most websites get your location from ip - those will be affected. Some apps request actual location access and won't be affected, also some apps/websites recognise vpn ips and might block content or something like that

  22. Is increased range on Zed actually good? His AOE slash doesnt work except for the first auto after casting

  23. Its very good, since he focuses backline if you have hacker he's constantly walking between targets and this way he wont have downtime

  24. This is by far the worst thing ive seen today...

  25. I think he means wrapping paper tubes

  26. I believe some phones show data routed through vpn as traffic by that vpn app, so it can be maybe facebook using data but nord encrypts it and your phone says that data is from nord app now

  27. This is what I was thinking, the thing that was throwing me is it seems like it would show all of my mobile data as Nord traffic, unless this is just the packet headers or whatever VPNs use to tunnel the data.

  28. Honestly no idea, if you want to test this theory you could use the android openvpn app with nord credentials and see if that leads to the same result.

  29. I’ve just finished my Yrden/Aard/Forgotten Wolven/Griffin/piercing cold build/entanglement (using a mod to have two set bonuses) on NG+

  30. Just one question... what's the rush?

  31. That actually showed 2 of the 3 unavailable games, 1 still stuck though :D

  32. Yo i lost with this in Hyper Roll because I never got any gold dropped

  33. Literally just took this in hyper roll and got 0 gold all game regardless of cast count

  34. My video card I’m going for is a 3060 and I do plan on using some 3d modeling software for 3d printing and for game development

  35. I have a 3070ti and a 5700g, let me tell you very rarely when gaming os cpu my bottleneck, so if youre going for a 3060 then i think you dont need a top of the line cpu

  36. I had no idea this was an augment. I saw this today for the first time and thought that was just part of his ability. I just rarely see him getting played.

  37. Sett? You mean the thing that gets fed to jax?

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