1. 10 años desde inicio, pero han sido como 4 años trabajando en tiempo completo

  2. I wrote the game’s score in guitar pro and then export the midi to fl studio, if you wanted to make an adaptativo OST you just take parts of the song and render them separately, and then you turn on and off channels of a song depending on what you want.

  3. looks sick put it in my wishlist. i didn't read all that tho 👍

  4. Everything is good, thanks for the wishlist!

  5. looks very nice, you could add a little bit of bounce, like overshoot.

  6. Yeah I wanted to show up what we did a little bit fast, but is works with the character in game and it looks there way better.

  7. Teníamos que rehacer los assets y pues no somos un estudio muy grande, estamos esperando que salga el juego y poder pagar la localización al español… una disculpa…

  8. Increíble trabajo, me interesaría contactarlos para una entrevista, estoy involucrado en el tema de gaming independiente en México, me puedes mandar mensaje?

  9. Looks kinda interesting but honestly I have no idea how the gameplay works, what you do, what is going on or what genre it is

  10. It's a point-and-click game with some light crafting, to create items needed to progress on the history, in addition, I put a lot of minigames, which are more like full-on mechanics depending on which part of the game you're in.

  11. We're going to participate in the next Steam fest, you can follow our page here:

  12. THE END IS NAHUAL is a point-and-click game with arcade-like minigames and many challenging puzzles and bosses.

  13. Va a estar menos de 150 pesos, menos 10% de descuento la semana de salida.

  14. Felicidades carnal, en mi wishlist y si no esta muy caro lo compro en cuanto salga.

  15. Vamos a ponerlo a 10% de descuento en la salida y creo que va a salir como a 150 pesos como precio base, para que se animen, muchas gracias.

  16. Also if you would like to check it out, you can do that here:

  17. Textures and characters are made in pixel art, Camera effects and things like that are from a camera package:

  18. We’re going to show our Demo there of our mesoamerican game about nothing

  19. If you want to play our fighting minigame, inside our mesoamerican game, here is our link:

  20. Also if you want to check our project, here is the link:

  21. Lan-Turn Deeez Nuts! I mean yeah it’s pretty similar.

  22. I absolutely love the aztec (or is it mayan) art mural :O

  23. It has a little bit more Aztec inspiration

  24. We reupload the post because it resized the images weirdly... but anyway if you want to see the project we worked on, please do so here:

  25. Sadly I'm the judge and the executioner, so I decided to do that and then do it, and never looked back.

  26. El proyecto que estamos trabajando yo y un compa esta aca:

  27. If you want to see the game we just finished and we're going to ship next month, please do so here:

  28. Es la primera vez que veo un juego indie de un redditor y no digo “esa pinche mamada qué?”; el trailer se ve muy prometedor.

  29. No hubo presupuesto para poner mamadas.

  30. El juego en cuestion, un juego de comedia, el cual la gente que hace pruebas dice que es muy dificil, pero todos lo acabaron y sacaron todos los logros, asi que si se puede...

  31. Ngl, that is one amazing animation w⁠(⁠°⁠o⁠°⁠)⁠w like what the heck ✨✨ Anyways, happy for you and congratulations on finishing it! ❤️

  32. If you want to see the game that inspired this gif, which I also made, which may not be as wholesome as some people like, but it was great for me to deal with my own sh... problems.

  33. Si, la unica diferencia es que corre los juegos a 2K en lugar de 4K, y a los desarrolladores se les obliga a que tiene que correr bien en las 2 consolas.

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