1. If any of you have noticed, the main discourse around this election cycle is "at least it's not trump" again, and a bunch of people accusing those who cant consciously vote for biden of being at fault if trump wins. You know you'll have to do better than that to convince people. Im not stating where i stand on this because i need you to understand that this form of argument is no longer convincing people.

  2. They have "moral qualms" with Biden so they'll willfully enable the party that will continue the genocide in Gaza, wants to exterminate queer and trans folk, is actively in the process of forcing children to carry their rapist child? Yes I'm going to shame them for throwing literally everyone and thing under the bus to essentially virtue signal. I want a better and that is objectively more achievable when the weaker enemy (the DNC) is in power.

  3. Counter point, no one owes you their vote. If democrats want to win, their strategy should be to provide some meaningful benefit to their constituents, not just be marginally less bad than the Republican candidate who gets more extreme every year. Trying to shame voters to vote for someone who never represented them in the first place is exactly why Hillary lost.

  4. Yeah but you also have an obligation to vote in your best interest. Between Trump and Project 2025 it's a no brainer. Joe may be a shitty choice in regards to Palestine but Trump is that with the added threat of turning America where we live into a Christian Nationalist Dictatorship.

  5. Post nut clarity have you like "Damn she's nasty... Can't believe she's the mother of my kids"

  6. Well we don't know for sure when development may have started best case scenario they've been working on it since at least 2023. From my personal experience working with EA roughly 10 years ago they definitely can recycle assets from Legends Arceus. When EA developed a new Madden game they literally just took the previous years game and started building on top of it an upgrading things. Once they were done updating the 'foundation" then the major changes would start graphically and mechanically.

  7. PLZA most started development at the end of 2021. Don’t forget that 2026 is Pokémon’s 30th anniversary.

  8. Good point if they had a dedicated team though I'd lean on the side of caution and stick to 2023. They would need a year just to plan but in total that's still 3 years in the kitchen

  9. Meiji restoration and Paris redevelopment happenned at around the same time.

  10. I got future vibes. Its a redevelopment with " a vision of beautiful coexistence between people and Pokemon" as the theme. This is total speculation, but game freaks like to introduce prototype mechanics for future games with each release. I'm thinking we're going to see an expansion of the biomes from the BB academy incorporated into the design for future Lumiose. That would still give us a somewhat open world to catch Pokemon in and since the theme of the callus region itself is beauty give us different unique biomes or sections of the city to explore. It would fit the idea of a peaceful coexistence between people and Pokemon rather than just urban sprawl

  11. Its a fusion between the X form and G-Max and its fire type move becomes Inferno Overdrive. Also it is wearing a supreme snap back

  12. I'm going to be optimistic and hope that between the backlash to scarlet and violet and pal world they're finally taking the time with development cycles. If this is all we get in 2025 I am totally fine with it if it means high quality remakes or gen 10 in 2027

  13. It was cool but they need to do it like Lafayette does Festival International and have everything spread throughout the downtown area instead of crammed in at the Capitol. They should also invest in NFC wrist bands for the vendors so it can be a cashless event. It has potential hopefully they can improve year by year

  14. Yeah they're wrist bands with a built in NFC chip. They festival provides them for free and you load them with money at stations. The vendors are given readers and you just scan them to pay for your purchases. At the end of the weekend (Festival International is either 3 or 4 days) any remaining loaded to the wrist band is refunded to you. I believe you were still allowed to use cash if you want. I imagine the city takes a percentage of the profits from the wrist band transactions.

  15. There’s a big difference between risking getting shot, but probably being fine (FY21 on-duty ground Soldier fatality rate was 1.3 fatalities per 100,000 Soldiers), and setting yourself on fire

  16. Can we please not argue the semantics of this, the Man's dead. Whether as Americans we're complicit in what our government does is an argument we can have later. I'm done with the internet today I need to call my therapist

  17. I seriously hope its not ILCA if there is indeed a Unova related game. 

  18. To be fair ILCA wasn't the problem. The dev art for BDSP shows they wanted to do the remakes in the modern Sword/Shield at the time but GameFreak rushed them.

  19. Concept art is never fully reflective plus they would have decided on an aesthetic at the start of development. Even if it was rushed the games would be in Sw/Sh style if they wanted it to look that way. Plus the game was said to be 'faithful', the chibi aesthetic is clearly done to be 'faithful'. Stop spreading misinformation.

  20. So they did concept art in the style of the current generation which tracks considering every previous remake also incorporated the current gens art and mechanics, only to scrap it and do a "faithful" remake and GameFreak approved it even though it marked a massive departure from previous standard they set. Also keep in mind there will be no point in making concept art since Nintendo could have just provided them art from the original games development since it was supposed to be a "faithful" remake.

  21. Not american, why are the republicans not allocating funds to feed children?

  22. Farmers Market Downtown today, then playing Pokemon LA and with my kid for the rest of the day. Sunday going to 225 Fest

  23. Black dems are ventriloquist dummies for the left? A bit racist no?

  24. Honestly progressive policies benefit everyone but the GOP have convinced their base that "socialism bad". Meanwhile every other first world nation has free healthcare, affordable college, parental leave and 6 weeks of vacation by law. Voting for Republicans is essentially cutting off your nose to spite someone else's face.

  25. I don't make enough money and I don't have a job that transfers out of knowing people to get the f*** out of here. I would have already left if I had the choice.

  26. So if we can’t collect taxes from them, they aren’t creating jobs, and they are very literally killing our most vulnerable citizens, what do we gain from these ITEP deals?

  27. Blaming citizens for not wanting to vote for a candidate is stupid. It is up to a candidate to move to people to vote.

  28. Then do more than vote every 4 years, you want real change then vote in every single local election that you have. We fix this s*** show by stacking the deck with progressives. Progress is always going to be a slow and gradual process but we can speed it up even if it's only slightly by staying active.

  29. I do vote in all of my elections & most primaries. That’s not the point of my comment. It’s the frustration directed at the individual & not the political party. Politicians have to earn our votes they shouldn’t be taken for granted.

  30. I agree politicians should be working to earn their constituents of votes but on an individual level even if my choices are s***** I'm always going to vote in my best interest. Unfortunately right now voting in my best interest s voting for the corporate Democrat because the only alternative is Christian Nationalist Hitler

  31. Hey 3 minutes is a long time in DBZ. It took 5hrs worth of episodes for Namek to explode or 5 minutes according to Frieza.

  32. As I like to say the stock market is not the economy. My portfolio could be amazing but if I'm living check to check it doesn't really matter. That said most people who feel the economy hasn't improved are not likely investing to begin with so there an even greater degree of disconnection. The average John Doe will feel the economy is better when they see it at the grocery store, gas pump and on payday.

  33. Well what would the messaging be? Things are great if you’re rich but if you’re poor it sucks?

  34. Look folks the jobs not finished. Our next goals are to fix our broken tax system and make sure the rich pay their fair share. We're going to set price caps on essential goods and investigate companies that we suspect have been price gouging. We're going to increase the minimum wage and if anyone is getting a tax cut and that's 40 years it's going to be the middle class and lower.

  35. Come on baby daddy needs a new pro controller and to support his favorite brick and mortar game store

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