1. It takes time for the higher quality settings to show up. Rumble will render it in lower quality first then higher quality later. Give it about an hour or two. YouTube does the same thing.

  2. It shows up in chests in resource vaults. I've been getting 2-3 per vault.

  3. Do you know what kind of chest? I havent been seeing them really.

  4. You cant get quartz unless you go in vaults. There's no way to mine quartz in a resource vault. So it is very very difficult it get large amounts of diorite unless you can mine it.

  5. I am guessing you would not be able to. You would have to use the website. Rumble has blocked France because France wanted them to ban come creators. I am not aware them not being in the EU.

  6. There are no notifications on the website. It only works for the app and email. It mainly sends a email about new vids on the creators every day or week.

  7. The locals account connect to your rumble account so the locals link will show up on all of your channels no matter what.

  8. That is what I ended up doing. It is just weird you cant mine obsidian in the vault.

  9. Was this found in a regular vault or the resource vault from the budding crystal?

  10. would also love an answer to this, i have a few large crystals but when i try to harvest it it drops nothing

  11. There's one more stage after that that you can harvest it. I have been olay for 4 or 5 hours now and I don't notice the time to grow crystals. I am building and sorting now. I have 3 vault crystals ready already.

  12. I had like 30 fps constently 😥

  13. Everything is running over 60 for me.

  14. That's sucks. I am android and this is does not happen to me.

  15. Two reasons. You have to refresh the page to see the change. Another reason, sometime Rumble has trouble uploading thumbnails and captions. There is nothing you can do if this happens. It is usually fixed in an hour or two. It has happen to me a lot. I hate it so much. Rumble needs to fix this.

  16. Hard to find something like that when Rumble is so small. I know they are working on improving the app experience.

  17. No, they can not. Once a video is published, the only way to "hide" it, is to delete it.

  18. The android app has the battle system. It is like tinder. It gives you random videos that you can like or dislike. This feature was removed from iOS sometime ago.

  19. You can log in with your username. You can then look at the email you used in the Account Options page.

  20. No, that is not an option. Only from Rumble to YouTube works for posting videos outside of Rumble.

  21. There's almost no discover ability on rumble. Your best bet is to promote your vids outside of Rumble. If you are posting gaming content, go to the Locals gaming community. Hope you grow bigger on Rumble.

  22. They get hit so many times. Hopefully they can expand their servers that will make it harder to do this in the future. You can't block a ddos attack.

  23. They probably got licensed. Companies can pay to use those videos and the payment will show up on the video. This is only what I am assuming though.

  24. That has been there for a long time. It is working for me and I am on a free account. Unless you have a WordPress website or have a business with your own website, you don't need it.

  25. Regardless of if I need it, you don’t want non-functioning buttons on a user facing page. It screams unprofessional and doesn’t look like they care about their product

  26. Oh I agree. I was just saying, it is not needed for the average user. It absolutely should work regardless though.

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