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  1. I think questrade is the only one that did it correctly (or had a consistent cover story from the start)

  2. Those 3 are the only positions I have.

  3. Safer to just buy the shares if you're gonna be trading with that much 😂

  4. Jim this is the 4th Silicone keyboard this week. Is everything ok?

  5. I find it so amusing to see oblivious Canadians criticize Poles for hating Russia.

  6. Ah he's a pole? I don't know, I don't do whole background checks on people when commenting, that would be weird

  7. I think we all played around with puts a bit today... it's ok

  8. Wealthsimple now has an account with USD to limit conversion fees.

  9. Yeah it's something like $10 / month. I have enough usd that it's worthwhile for me to pay the $10

  10. Oh yeah, really worth it. 10$ is the in and out fee of a trade on questrade.

  11. Well T+2 is today right? So now the calls from Friday are supposed to be exercised? It's cheaper for hedgies to exercise them at a lower price?

  12. I’m usually slow to cry “shill,” but all these blank flairy summons are really suspicious…

  13. Lmao this is what I love about WSB. I’m sure these short guys are sitting there like seriously? GME and now f’ing BBBY?!

  14. If only we could train cats for search and rescue missions in collapsed building, but they don't give a f

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