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  1. Is the solution to have Pakistani media based in another country like France or Turkey or USA?

  2. Yes to first and second question. No to the third. Not all public schools are equal either. Maybe rephrase the last question. It also isn't a bad thing to have private schools.

  3. How do you plan to make education equal nationwide? I'm open to a good idea.

  4. Expect a full collapse on Rupee. Its gonna get to 400 soon then a few months later 500 then so on...

  5. Others are looking to start their own businesses, even though, as Annadi says, “the venture investing party is over.” Annadi is bootstrapping his company, Atomic, an AI-powered financial planning platform designed to be offered as an employee benefit. Choi, who before enrolling at Harvard worked with founders at Citybridge Education, a nonprofit that funds innovative education projects in Washington, DC, says starting a company “was never on my radar.” But in talks with prospective employers in the fall, he could sense that good jobs had grown harder to find. And with all the competition, he says, “even when you found those jobs, they would be harder to get.” A cocktail party conversation prompted Choi to dust off an idea for an app that makes restaurant recommendations as it learns about user preferences. “I’m giving myself about three months to find some initial early-stage funding and then, after that, about nine more months with some milestones along the way.”

  6. This recession has been coming since January. It’s already June, I guess it will be here by Christmas.

  7. I am surrounded by PML-N supporters and they have just stopped talking about politics since IK has not been PM. The silence is so loud.

  8. You know what? So I am a very annoying person and I did pester them. They still would not say anything. Its really interesting how they simply stopped discussing ANYTHING political once they got into power.

  9. I think it was the cannibalism. Also it just seemed lazy. Like it seemed like very few people lived there but all of the sudden they had lots and lots of people. It was almost a view of future of TWD when so much of the show got lazy.

  10. It's not great. "They sexually assaulted a few of us so we murder and eat people now?" Not great...

  11. this looks amazing! i prefer metal bracelet so why not the Bullet bracelet style or Bonklip braclet?

  12. I do plan on releasing a bracelet down the road but for now I focused on the silicone for water and the leather as the second option. I would want to focus on making a really a good bracelet, not just a catalog one, and that would take some time. Thanks for your help!

  13. I do think that silicone looks really awesome but really sucks in real life wearing. At least where I live silicone gets really sweaty.

  14. I bought a Louis XIII ten years ago for $1800, so at least one.

  15. Depends on location. $80k where I live is minimum wage. Smaller metros I suppose one could break even at $45k but even entry level uni grads are demanding $80k.

  16. I don't know man, got mine directly from russia 🙁

  17. Cool, looks like I'll be going back to using with an adblock again. It's how I only browsed Reddit until 2017 on my iPhone.

  18. Are those a pair of Hensons on bottom right? Do you notice a difference between all these or is it the pairing of the blade to razor?

  19. That does happen to kids that come here to just get immigration and usually get into local colleges.

  20. How do they adjust to the truck driving life there? It's a rough life despite the conveniences available.

  21. Its a job. Some countries like Canada work for years doing very low pay then get promoted to higher pay which is often the case with many fields.

  22. might have to reinstall the OS, honestly zorin os is pretty out of date at this point, it's still based on ubuntu 20.04, i recommend pop os

  23. Would Pop OS be a good option for someone new to Linux and is coming from Windows 10?

  24. Why didn't the CDC event last longer and they had more fun with that concept?

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