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  1. While fucking around with dual colossal great swords, I may have accidentally killed merchant Kale, it is my biggest regret

  2. Elden Ring, just walked past a crab that was the size of a Honda Civic, I have no ideas what’s going on.

  3. Status: Not as good as I expected but glad it’s over and Why is the cutoff so high!!!

  4. i just want cool f2p units, thats the shit everyones gonna actually be able to enjoy

  5. Yea the quality of f2p units from last year was really surprising, hope they can match that this year

  6. Status: Over. Thanks all who participated. Had a blast!!!

  7. Just got my daily win, at rank 4930, also purple is now my least favorite color

  8. Red Bojack is coming in for the red slot on my androids team

  9. Here to help again, "Kevlinks10" in game as well.

  10. Hey thanks to you I was able to break 100 mil last chain battle, my ign is FREEZA and I sent you a request. thanks in advance for the help!

  11. For some reason Future Trunks and Tien has given me a lot of units that I’ve wanted

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