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  1. The 700 is more than enough for a new rider or most experienced ones. I got one on a whim when my daily driver was a 900cc Triumph that's almost double the price locally. Thought I would have sold it by now but a year later it's still in my garage and use it 90% of the time over my other bikes.

  2. I considered this bike, but ended up going with the Yama XSR700 instead.

  3. Yesterday in a 3b pot I flopped top FH (KKK77). Villain got runner runner better FH (AAA77) to my now KKKAA. Thankfully I lost the absolute min because I was IP (I just checked back river). Unfortunately it was still a $300 pot (playing 1/3) that could have become like $500-600. Fortunately I won my rooms $300 highhand while villain didn't since he didn't use both cards.

  4. I don't understand the question. You're an adult, do whatever you want. You don't answer to anyone.

  5. I think it's an OK beginners bike depending on the maturity of the person buying it.

  6. If you provide your Age, Sex and weight you will likely get better advice

  7. Have you tired walking out of your office saying I DECALRE, BANKRUPTCY?

  8. That's $25 on Monday morning right? The news articles we see of the young ladies creaming (no pun intended) it are reportedly earning $120k +. That's not $25 an hour. In fairness they did say they have to work weekends and nights to get that but it sure as anything beats alot of other lower skilled jobs out there.

  9. Perhaps the fact that inflation was not 20% for the past 12 months?

  10. You know inflation is calculated using more things than this one guy's shopping list, right?

  11. Pardon the missing brain cells but what’s a choco? I’m going as the army support gap year role

  12. I’m on the bus now heading to kapooka I’m kinda having mixed feelings which is normal right? Was Super excited to join leading up to this moment but after saying goodbye to family it just hits difrerent

  13. Only to get through the medal detectors at the courthouse. Otherwise, it’s a conversation killer.

  14. I hate having to take off my medals when i enter the courthouse too.

  15. Even if you did, it just means your going to get a larger return when you lodge your taxes for the 22/23 FY.

  16. Original pattern is from youtube, I only did some adjustments to fit my ideas there 😅

  17. The stock bars are very upright, most people go the other direction. You might be better off with bar risers instead.

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