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  1. Scions player here. Glad to give the Guard a last hurrah for our 8th edition dex before moving on to the new one

  2. I salute you for your service. My 16~ plasma gunman made from 16~ scion boxes will meet again one day... For now looks like I need to glue these volley guns on some.

  3. Based on comments here, I'd say it's definitely underrated, and somewhat overshadowed by how good nid codex is in general.

  4. Out of curiosity for what a competitive UM List looks like, could you please post your list/secondaries/gameplay?

  5. Gaunts and broodlords are tech pieces that scores points (broodlord with forward deploy/psychic secondaries). Custodes are all tough and killy oomph units. If you fight equal point of custodes with gaunts and broodlords, you'll lose almost every time. Try things like carnifex, hive tyrants, zoanthropes, more warriors etc. Stuff that's for bopping

  6. I swear I saw a rule saying I can ignore terrain features less than 1 inch high, letting vehicles and monsters move over small terrain features like ruin edges without paying all the extra movement. I can't seem to find it other than a reference in Difficult Terrain rules. Was I imagining it?

  7. I've been thinking about this a lot over the last week or so and haven't posted due to being at work most of the day but I guess this is as good a place as any to post.

  8. A lot of the writeup seem to have an assumption that 1. Cohen is/was gonna do something with baby /bbby 2. Squeeze would've sustained itself if Cohen didn't sell out

  9. Wow that looks good. What color did you use for the white and the chipping? Was the weathering done with a sponge?

  10. I've been having luck using jorm and then taking interrogation/ritual, rnd and engage. I very consistently have been scoring 36, 12 on each like clockwork. Now is 36 good enough?

  11. Also catalyst, failing warlord trait. Also can have venomthrope for -1 to hit fart bubble, tyrant guards to lookout, Maleceptor psychic action for -1 strength aura against ranged attacks.

  12. I mean the Tyrant being forced into Warlord + needing warlord on table for imperative kind of stings. And deleting hyper adaptation from competitive just sucks. Thanks GW.

  13. What did they delete that made the other hive fleets worse?

  14. Hyper adaptation. Every fleet could adjust their 2nd trait with 10 other things, and Leviathan didn't have access to lurk, which was the best one for diverse options. Since it's fixed/gone now, may as well just take the generic best thing, which is probably leviathan rerolls. I think I'll switch my fleet to leviathan since best reason not to be levi seems to be gone.

  15. Idk charge him? I'm sure obliterators with buffs could trash a leman russ still, but generally you can't expect to outshoot the best shooting unit in a shooting army with a melee army right?

  16. Well this has a lot of attention. Mostly helpful comments, the ones that are freaking out and cursing, relax. I want to acknowledge the truthfulness of the statement that it is no one's fault but the owner of a position if that position loses value. That's what most people are caught up on. The lack of transparency and the lack of acknowledgement of another faulty prediction (consider not sharing predictions that are not solid?), and of course the verbal degrading of people who bought augusts, not weeklys, who lost hard just the same.

  17. On hindsight there was no volume all week and they weren't hedging crap while 30 dollars above Delta/Gamma neutral. I guess I should've seen it coming. I am mad but not because I lost a bunch of money, I let myself fall to hype + herd mentality. I didn't feel good going into wednesday so I cut down on short dte positions but didnt cut down my july positions. July calls got IV crushed hard that any amount of theta I bought would've been just lost to vega multiplier.

  18. Honest question, but I thought most people were buying calls for July or August for this cycle?

  19. Can I use The Deceiver's Grand Illusion to redeploy my Necron dudes, then use Relentless Expansionist pregame move to move 6 inches out of my deployment? Nothing seems to prevent it but I've never heard about this.

  20. It’s worse then a maleceptor for almost twice the cost

  21. Thank you, two/multiple armies with different play styles seems the way to go. Just got into the hobby, made a Nid they're getting nerfed/balanced lol. I'll have to see what armies are unlike the Nid and go from there.

  22. I think it'll be pretty hard to nerf nids out of competitive play unless you bought into 9 pyrovores and 2 maleceptors and they eat the supposed point nerfs.

  23. Hmmm good point. You all know more about this than I do no doubt. Nids seem like their day in the spotlight is due. Was bummed thinking that moment was already up, so glad to hear (from a few people) Nids probably won't get nerfed out.

  24. Drukhari, Admech, and even AEldar now had broken mechanics that probably needed fixing (dark techno liquifiers, enriched rounds, probablly baharroth and hail of doom)

  25. Noeq says:

    Is there a variant of this guide for Imperial Knights?

  26. d4x says:

    What relic is this?

  27. Is there a reason that No earning play is a rule, other than earnings play generally being a bad idea due to iv crush?

  28. Wait who said Blood Angels were A tier and what was their evidence?

  29. He may be the best blood angel player in the world currently and if we take out all the results that's not his, it sure does look like an A tier faction.

  30. I purchased shares directly from CPS. It's showing Purchase Status- Awaiting Price, and it has been 3 hours since market open. Does it normally take this long to buy shares?

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