1. I'd like to state, Devys lowest points are still completely listenable and enjoyable, it's just that the high points are amongst the greatest musical achievements of all time

  2. The one where there's 4500 people trying to get on a sardine-packed train and 1/10th of the passengers have diarrhea

  3. My gf farts like a wildebeest when she sleeps, that’s why I like to be big spoon. Slaps my balls around.

  4. There are 2 races. White and woke. Gus has been woke since birth. Him being gay is extra woke

  5. The NFL spiked Percy Harvins water with migraine inducing chemicals so he would never become too powerful and carry Minnesota to the Superbowl or break Devin Hester records

  6. My number one rule for every Ween show is to stay hydrated. It seems like common sense but I’ve seen too many people’s experiences get ruined by underestimating how much water they need for a show and not being able/willing to go get more during the performance. It’s a long show and Vegas is a desert, buy 2-3 bottles of water per person before the show and ration it throughout.

  7. Men with no direction daydream about being the savior during a terrorist attack or a mass shooting. Women with no direction daydream about being Sandra Bullock in the Blindside,.

  8. For some reason always made me super sad and realize how fucked up the world is. Besides the pedophile dad, the scene where the boy beats up the adult made me so sad. Don't have any urge to watch it again

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