1. IMO, I would avoid any bootcamps where they take complete beginners. You want to choose a bootcamp where you need to pass a technical assessment given (coding test/interview) in order to receive admission.

  2. I feel like I noticed that the quality of these longer fulltime programs are not as great compared to your traditional 12 or 16 week flagship programs.

  3. I did a part time bootcamp and landed a job ~5 months after it ended

  4. Nice! Currently still in a bootcamp but how was the process. How many interviews would you say you went through? Also anyone else you work with go through a bootcamp?

  5. The job search is rough. I got many rejections and a lot of them I didn't even hear back from. During the beginning I wasn't getting any traction, so I had to change up my job search method and resume. After doing that I definitely got more traction.

  6. 3 - 4 jobs a day is not nearly enough. Job hunting is a numbers game. When I was job searching, I probably averaged anywhere from 15 - 20 job applications a day. I know some bootcamp grads who averaged 50+ a day. I applied on LinkedIn, Indeed, AngelList, company job boards, etc.

  7. I see a lot of well-reasoned anti-Tik Tok takes in the threat but I suppose it’s easier for you to create a straw man of those people sounding dumb

  8. What was your experience before the bootcamp like coding wise? I'm planning on self teaching for six months then doing a bootcamp

  9. The only experience I had was a coding course I took my freshman year of college which was over a decade ago.

  10. Yes it is possible if you put in the work. However, I would try to get a head-start on learning basic programming now prior to your bootcamp starting.

  11. You're not a good friend. How would you feel if one your friends wrote a post like this about you?

  12. I was told by a few people who are already working in this industry that if the work experience is not related to tech then it's best to leave it out (In fact some even told me to remove my Master's degree).

  13. You should put any professional experience you have on your resume. I think that's what really holding you back here.

  14. Check if the program is run by a company called Trilogy (or 2U). If so, I would stay away as I've only heard bad things about them. Most university bootcamps are run by Trilogy.

  15. Thank you so much for this great advice! I'll continue to keep grinding

  16. i would also suggest you to do a little CP . learn and practice side by side.

  17. Definitely not wrong if you want to become a developer for the money. However, it should not be your ONLY motivation.

  18. This is a sub for coding bootcamps. Maybe ask in a better fit sub like

  19. I've only heard mixed things about Coding Dojo. Like the other person said, I would be wary of any bootcamp that doesn't have a coding problem interview in order to get in. I've been seeing bootcamps switch to non-technical assessments and honestly I don't think that helps at all.

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