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  1. I like YSL Y le parfum and Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

  2. If you don't wanna spend a lot in it and not like it, you can get it at dossier. I got my first bottle from there and loved it. Gave it away and bought the actual bottle. Plus if you don't like the scent you can return it for your money back.

  3. Shot a deer in the stomach (scope wasn't sighted correctly) and then gutting it. Smells horrible.

  4. I'm still young so take my answer with a grain of salt. Yes it sucks, but it's what you make of it.

  5. Sick, i might do this to mine. How hard is it to relace 350s

  6. I love the look of these with the speckled laces

  7. I'm getting the court purples soon, then the yellow toes. Need both for sure

  8. Multiple bathrooms. Never lived in a house with more than 1, and having a big family it's fucking annoying

  9. I'm learning Norwegian and the pronunciation of those letters kills me LOL

  10. Interesting, i didn't know that's how Nynorsk was founded. Thanks for the video! Hopefully I'll get to practice my Norwegian next year. I'm planning on going there. Been wanting to for years, it's such a beautiful country.

  11. Maybe they changed the sizing for yeezy day? Honestly foam rnr sizing is all over the place 💀

  12. Adidas can't get sizing right on any shit. Nike you can almost always go TTS and be fine. Yeezys, you can order a color way twice and get whole different sizing like wtf

  13. I wish j woulda grabbed these in 2018 when they were goin for 400$. I've wanted them forever and now resale is crazy

  14. They’re so nice in person honestly 🔥 my brother is still growing and he already wears the same size as me, so I plan to snag these from him as soon as he outgrows them

  15. Damn your brothers gonna be tall af. Don't blame you honestly!

  16. LMAO right! I’m 21, I wear an 11-11.5….. he’s 13 and wears an 11.5-12 🤦‍♂️

  17. I actually dreamed about Haaland scoring a hat trick today. Please let it happen!

  18. I had a dream the other night that i was Haaland and scored the winning goal lmao

  19. Someone his size really shouldn’t be able to move like that lol

  20. kinda nervous for tomorrow ngl cause recently we haven't really been doing good west ham away.

  21. From PA, never heard of a fucking corn pizza

  22. Got a dub but I haven’t received a shipping update, hoping God steps in. Just says my order has been processed.

  23. Yeah i was super worried too. Contacted Adidas and they said they had no backorder issues, but obviously that's hard to believe, shipping info got sent just recently.

  24. As far as I've seen, most people in NY, possibly states bordering PA where one of their warehouses is located, got theirs in today.

  25. Bro i live 30 mins from the shipping facility in pa. Mine aren't expected til the 22nd. I'm worried they're gonna get cancelled. My foams came in literally less than 24 hours after i ordered them before.

  26. I'm pretty sure it's just a placeholder date and they've got no clue when they'll arrive haha.

  27. Damn, that's a lot of money to earn, but in your position I'm surprised it's not higher with the risks involved, especially for a top 4 bank.

  28. I could make more if I left, but I enjoy the flexibility of WFH and as a recently single parent and primary care provider, I really couldn't imagine changing things right about now.

  29. Gotcha, WFH flexibility is awesome, i could only imagine how good it is for single parents. Wish you all the best!

  30. I'm 22. A lot of people i know/went to school with usually date for a year or so now then get engaged. It's insane to me.

  31. Mine says processed, but no shipping yet, worries me hahs

  32. Lay down and go to sleep because I'm there by myself

  33. good luck if you do that, my local post office got so sketched out this one time i went to pick up my nintendo switch from them (they werent gonna deliver it til the next day)

  34. Haha i was joking, I'll just wait. Glad i got then at least. I'm surprised they got sketched, especially if you had an ID

  35. When the onyx foams first released, i placed the order at 11am and they arrived at 10am the next day

  36. No way. You're in a good spot. You're at the vanguard of defending American democracy.

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