1. The Yankees are literally the most popular team in Japan, he passed on NY last time because it was Tanaka's town. That's literally what he said himself when he was coming to the MLB, Tanaka isn't here anymore

  2. while you are correct-ish, it wasnt about it being tanakas town until tanaka left, it was about wanting to go to a team that didnt have a japanese player with a crazy legacy. ie tanaka and godzilla. if the thought process is still the same, it wont matter that tanaka is gone.

  3. downstate new york as a whole is stuck in the 70s/80s, not sure why ice rinks would be any different

  4. Oh, upstate I assume. It is vastly different. But there are good trails around. Go to the area on maps and type Hiking Trails!

  5. lmao. westchester is to the bronx, what nassau county is to queens.

  6. Pretty sure I wrote “upstate” before they wrote “westchester” hence replying to myself.

  7. as far as i can tell, your reply came after theirs, seeing as how its below theirs lol

  8. well LI has a 3rd tier thats also problematic, high property taxes. people that advocate for and back these high taxes but complain about not being able to get a mortgage, don't seem to realize a big reason is property taxes pricing them out.

  9. Married to an orthopedic surgeon.

  10. By your own logic Goku would have less beef with Frieza then Vegeta.

  11. vegeta himself has said he did not care that his father died, and his only regret was not being able to be the king. this is not debatable, these are his own words.

  12. And I can tell you’re young from watching you sprinkle “literally” into your sentences to emphasize details, humble yourself man you’re arguing with people about dragon ball on Reddit.

  13. i just did ctrl + f and there im not seeing any "literally" in my sentences, not sure what you're speaking of. but if im emphasizing details, its because i keep having to repeat myself. if i'm using the word literally at all, its because i know i'm talking to kids so i'm going to use their verbiage.

  14. why does schimmel sound so nerdy here? you get what im saying? the delivery just sounds so much like an elementary school nerd talking back to a bully.

  15. Why on earth will they be referring to Mai’s respectful way of introducing herself ? You expected her to break the table and say her name ? It’s common sense any one would introduce themselves that way, beta 1 literally is introduced same chapter and he introduced himself in a respectful way as well, literally any new student would introduce themselves that way. Mai is such a character that if ever the word mature is used for her it’s going to be interpreted for her mind because everyone knows she was once a full adult. If she had never been introduced before then that’s different.

  16. im not even going to bother reading this shit, im just going to end up repeating myself again and again because its like talking to a brick wall. you got it bro. kid magically knew she had an adult brain. had nothing to do with her intro. he just looked at her and knew shes not a regular teen. you got it.

  17. If you don’t read it you won’t know how bad your argument is, the day you have the guts to have a discussion without getting offended you can read it.

  18. buddy, no one is offended, i just am not going to repeat myself, i am not going to expend any further energy on the absolute dumb shit you are saying.

  19. the obvious answer is ss4, however i feel like super hero is foreshadowing towards the shadow dragons making a come back with bulmas misuses

  20. It would’ve been Cole with spider tack, who was an absolute beast even if he wasnt quite as good as he was in Houston, and at the very least probably would’ve gotten us passed the Astros in 2018. We wouldn’t pony up for JV either and look how that turned out. Cashman did the same shit back when we could’ve traded for Johan Santana and Cliff Lee. His entire tenure is a long series of what ifs.

  21. lets just say, before the pandemic when i went to a target in westbury to buy replacement toothbrush heads... they were locked in a glass case and i had to wait like a dumbass forever for a worker to unlock it.

  22. Pretty crazy that you’re getting downvoted for this. Most of our “top” prospects don’t end up being even average MLB starters. We should unload them for proven good players while our window is still open. Prospect hugging has gotten us nowhere recently.

  23. ??? prospect hugging is almost entirely why instead of a rebuild we entered a retool after judge's rookie year. prospect hugging is literally the only reason we've essentially gone all in these last 6 years. we werent even supposed to be competing that year, and ended up 1 win from the ws

  24. How do you know we wouldn’t have been more successful if we parted with top prospects though? We still haven’t won the WS, which is the goal of the Yankees organization.

  25. no one expected andujar to tear his labrum, or frazier to scramble his brains, and the person they were going to be traded for was gerrit cole (who we have now). these guys were legitimate offensive prospects. sanchez was at one point the best offensive catcher in baseball until he got fat and lazy. i was all aboard the trade gleyber for luis castillo train especially once we got DJL, but look at us now. best rotation in baseball while still having a top 5 offensive 2b.

  26. at this point, google maps and navigation companies just need to do better

  27. im sure there are some, but im guessing some smaller businesses budget cut it out. aside from being a long island native, theres almost no indication that the parkways have low hanging bridges as well, so thats an issue.

  28. There's a theory that GT takes place X amount of years after Z and Super is apparently the bridge between the two. I know this is false, for the record.

  29. not that i agree with them, but its blatantly obvious GT is after EOZ... goku literally opens the series up training UUB. goten and trunks are teenagers, pan is like 11. its not a theory.

  30. my december to jan bill is the most expensive bill ive seen.

  31. if i recall correctly, almost all androids before 2017 used a micro b usb charger

  32. its long islands version of jackson heights essentially

  33. I believe Estevan Florial, Deivi Garcia, and Albert Abreu are out of options, so they have to be on the Opening Day roster unless traded/cut in the next two months.

  34. this is what ive been looking forward to seeing. how is this going to shake out, especially if we sign profar?

  35. Why have one Aaron Hicks on your team when you can have two!

  36. super hero at one with no sign of dbs broly in the top tier is a tremendous sign of poor taste

  37. i wouldnt mind slamtander if he was free, but im not trading prospects for him let alone schmidt and sweeney.

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