1. Fair enough, if that's really the part, and the only part, you agree with. But it's not what you said. You also said

  2. I’ll ignore your pedantic swipe at my original comment and explain further. The reason the bargain was struck in the first place was to not burden religious orgs that were offering a “public good” through charity of various types AND would not use their power and influence to interfere in government. In recent years this has completely gone out the window as they are actively, openly interfering. Tax authorities and law enforcement have been hands off for far too long. Cases in point Scientology get away with horrific labor practices and financial fraud. Mormons directly funded anti marriage equality in CA. More and more they are all tacitly endorsing candidates. Fine; you want to cancel the bargain, you pay the price of admission. This situation is an example of absolutely uncivil and under normal conditions possibly unconstitutional discrimination and intimidation.

  3. That must be a satisfying feeling! I like the added ceremony of humility they perform in Padua.

  4. That's a thing we do everywhere in Italy, or at least northen Italy afaik

  5. Happened to my wife years ago. She got ill Spain; we’re from US, they took her into hospital, checked her out, gave her prescription and released without a bill. We went on our way.

  6. Trump really did expose the rot in the GQP, didn’t he?

  7. It wasn’t very well hidden but it pulled away the curtain fully

  8. As much as I can’t stand Qari, this is a low quality post from a site packed with ridiculous articles and ads. I won’t downvote but you should reconsider your source.

  9. Living in Turkey is like being on the alert, very anxious and scary. Every day the topics are changing. I hope we can solve every problems at 14th may

  10. Trump drop your ego! Tough ask, bro. Likely impossible. Trump be like, “in the spirit of brotherhood I will not attack that Wannabe POS Ron Desanctimonious. He knows I got him elected and he’d be nowhere without me.”

  11. Also, the waiting 5 minutes and then calling him back... that's passive aggressive. And if you're expecting him to pick up on the hint, that's guess culture vs. ask culture.

  12. Very good point on “guess culture” Same with all relationships.

  13. What are they going to do when Dems take over some day? They will howl about transparency and how corrupt this rule is. If it passes this should go to a referendum.

  14. The next restaurant this asshole goes to should do the same thing. If the monkey doesn’t bite his face off.

  15. Conservative & Evangelical Christians have their Reverse Uno card for this.

  16. But conveniently use the Jesus card when you bring up biblical slavery in Exodus 21 or any Leviticus BS.

  17. We will see if the costs are worth it to the voters. Residents of the outlying areas of the county pay to subsidize urban areas, it may be worth slightly higher taxes to get better services.

  18. Urban areas generate the revenue and pay for the infrastructure for all those sparsely populated empty areas.

  19. Do you guys think she really believes any of this stuff? Or is she just trying to stay in the headlines to get suckers to send her money? What's wrong with her?

  20. I believe she got a cadre of kooks convincing her it’s true and she’s hungry for power.

  21. You should be skeptical was my point, which no one is. It's slava zucchini from one shore to the next because CNN told them so.

  22. OK Tankie. No intelligent person could ever arrive at a different conclusion. Is that it?

  23. Churches are the only non-profits not required to provide proof of what their revenue was spent on. As you can imagine, an entity that pays no taxes, that doesn’t have to show what they spent their money on, extremely frequently doesn’t spend all their money on charitable causes.

  24. So, this is a community of people who donated money so they would have a building to worship in. In this specific instance, how is this not a "non-profit?"

  25. Churches have non-profit religious org tax status with the IRS. Scientology has it so you can see what a scam it is. The word “community’ is irrelevant in this context. Tax status is the relevant aspect

  26. I hope they are able to get him to rat out the other rapists. Sick Fcks.

  27. I can’t wait for the photos and videos come out on Miss Lindsey.

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