1. That’s a good description of current pro wrestling

  2. I chopped a tree with it one time but i was rather slow so I couldn’t rush

  3. If anything he's underrated. Melt My Eyez was one of the best releases this year! And y'know what, he's right about the grammies. DJ Khaled for best rap album? C'mon!

  4. The only quant interview I did in person was linear algebra and stats but the larger firms will also have coding so maybe 170A/B or 170E/S and 115A and 115Bs and 164. Also, specialization in some math will help you appear unique to quant firms (you have unique skill to provide) so maybe you could specialize in optimization and ML or something. I want to specialize in numerical methods for example.

  5. This is as bad as Tyson Fury saying my god is better than yours (coming from a Christian)

  6. But why would Jehovah or Allah care about guys beating each other up

  7. Tf? Why? Air-force is a sensitive branch though so I wouldn’t be surprised if they DQ’d you for something stupid like a skin condition.

  8. Haha no its worse than that I am blind in one eye. Not much is limited though besides FOV

  9. Did you ever go to MEPS? If you didn’t then someone is lying to you cause I’ve meet plenty of visually fucked individuals while in. I’m Army tho but still… it should be the same across every branch as we all follow the same policy. Airforce just tends to be a bunch of bitches when it comes to this stuff.

  10. I did contact the army recruiter some time ago because I heard it was more lenient, but he told me I had no chance.

  11. Why on Earth should Khamzat get a middleweight title shot

  12. From what I understand never bet on something unless you believe the oddsmakers made a mistake/critical error. Betting is rigged for you to lose so you need to be 53% successful to break even or something.

  13. Idk. Sometimes it’s nice to have a “hey, heads up, it’s 7am”. I have one at 7 and one at 7:15. My earliest class is 9 lol.

  14. Yes interrupt someone’s sleep so you can gain some useless information. Make sure you know when its 7:18, 7:20, 7:22 as well

  15. nah, my roommate wakes up at 630am. Also, I have the alarm on my watch, I'm not THAT disrespectful

  16. I wouldn't put it past some people anyway. Narcissism seems to be the new fad.

  17. I doubt a waterspout would be able to lift sharks high into the air, especially if they are underwater lol

  18. Just because you can play the piano doesn’t mean you are any good haha

  19. Not in striking lol, don't disrespect Glory

  20. If youre making these kind of bets you should probably have an account threshold at which you stop betting entirely

  21. I'm not good enough to figure out the live version but the basic chords are (F#, A , C, E), (B, C, D#, F#, A), (e minor or eminor7) something like that. The bass is A# -> B -> F# - > B (octave down), and then G - > A - > E -> A. Maybe the live version uses some tritone sub I can't tell.

  22. If you have been active on mma/ufc on the internet for the last 6 months and you have a brain, then you can see that Izzy has been the most disrespected fighter ok the roster recently.

  23. Because he jerked his dog and jacks to hentai… nobody disrespects his skill

  24. Why was this bitter sweet as an izzy hater. He was winning me over for some reason on this fight.

  25. was really happy to see him wrestle for some reason lol

  26. I don't know about fighting but Carla looks like she can't strike at all

  27. If you were to say this then Islam has no reason to take his fight. If the UFC is a serious organization, in this situation Dariush should get the title shot instead.

  28. Always respect his skill but will never appreciate that type of fight

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