1. He's also a new member of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

  2. Goddamit!!! One of our in jokes in college was saying “warren goes bareback” every time we ran into a Warren.

  3. Test. Take a piece of scrap glass and adhere one decal. Test at the recommended firing schedule.

  4. I don't know how this relates to Steve Jobs though

  5. Job (/dʒoʊb/ JOHB; Hebrew: אִיּוֹב – 'Īyyōḇ; Greek: Ἰώβ – Iṓb) is the central figure of the Book of Job in the Bible. In rabbinical literature, Job is called one of the prophets of the Gentiles.

  6. How about a Line Cook survival kit. Redbull, 5 hour energy, ramen, a pre-roll(if legal), change of socks, lighter.... Etc.

  7. Back in the day, run them through the die cutter, soak them {5 - 10 minutes} in 5 gallon buckets with water and Sodium Metabisulfate. Drain, lid, mark and store for no longer than 36 hours. Fry to order.

  8. So no blanching? Not sure how easy it would be for me to get sodium metabisulfate but could always talk to my KM

  9. Our distributor stopped carrying Na2S2O5 about 35 years ago. It has an affect on 2% of the population when used in raw {lettuce} foods but zero in cooked.

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