1. That's dope. Tanktop Tomb Raider keeping everyone safe. Good for him.

  2. What a fucking asshole. Harassing that kid who clearly has alopecia. Just a total piece of shit bully. I feel really bad for that kid. Like who just pulls over to harass someone anyway? What is the driver's life like if he thinks this is funny or entertaining. Also, how bold to just do that to a stranger. Many people carry guns and pulling over and harassing/threatening strangers for no reason is a great way to get shot.

  3. Amazing life hack! If my vacuum cord ever gets deliberately tangled around the handle with this specific knot that doesn't even occur accidentally then I will keep this in mind!

  4. This is such a game changer it feels like a new phone. Who thought it was a good idea to set it as 2x by default.

  5. This dude thinks he's The Transporter. Take the gloves off Jason Statham

  6. You have to try from time to time just in case

  7. This is just a response to the post about Teslas lining up for charging and everyone saying it's the reason they don't like EVs.

  8. Teslas take at least 15-20 minutes to get a meaningful charge of about 200 miles so this is a bad response to that. Gas powered cars fill up in 5 minutes or less for most cars. Someone at the end of a line of 20 gas cars would get to the pump in a little over an hour and a half while a Tesla line of 20 cars would take over 6 hours.

  9. 5 minutes ever week or so (+ however long it takes you to get to the gas station) vs never waiting and just charging at home or at work.

  10. It takes 4 days to charge a Tesla with a regular outlet. Most people do not have a 240 volt charger in their garage. For gas vehicles most people just fill up on their way to do other things. No one just leaves their house to go get gas. Also what do you mean it isn't a realistic scenario? There are plenty of pics just like the one you shared of lines of Teslas at a supercharger. You literally said that was what this post was in response to, so it definitely happens. I'm not saying Teslas aren't great, but stop acting like they have the convenience of a gas vehicle. Unless you have a 240v charging station available for home use (which is expensive) then you aren't getting a full charge at home. Many people have to stop at supercharger stations which is insane even without a line.

  11. This dude's hair gets bigger every time he steps out in public. He's still rich why can't he get a haircut

  12. I don't know if I would want to be standing under that

  13. Give him a raise. He has shown improvement and rewarding him will compel him to stay there. Otherwise I would think he doesn't want to work somewhere he is deemed a poor performer. Based on the other info you gave it seems unlikely he was ever performing poorly but rather not working harder than his compensation motivates. The only poor performance is yours because it should never get to the point where a capable employee finds out they are a poor performer during the performance review. You should have been monitoring his performance and working with him to improve his performance before the performance review.

  14. This makes me so angry. I want that life so bad. I can't even have kids because that life is so financially unachievable for me and my SO.

  15. This place is a nightmare. It was messy, smokey, and sketchy. $50 minimums are u acceptable

  16. It's ridiculous because dems would vote out a "POC" Republican as soon as they had the chance. Dems like AOC will literally take any opportunity to shout racism at people. Not everything negative that happens to a "POC" is an act of racism. Ilhan Omar is simply unlikable and I don't blame them for voting her off the committee.

  17. Rogan has literally never said the N word in an offensive or racist manner. He was either talking about the use of the word or reading it. The viral clip was just edited out of context to make him look racist. Saying a word does not make someone racist. People who think that are often racist against white people.

  18. Not saying he’s racist but I was offended hearing him say it so many times, so casually. I’m glad he now understands that’s it’s harmful to his bottom line, oh and black ppl, and stopped saying it any further.

  19. It should be okay to say it in the context he was saying it though. Demanding a word to be completely omitted from every non-black person's lexicon in the world is ridiculous. Adults saying N word is silly. It's like saying F word instead of fuck. If you can't handle people talking about something then it is on you to remove yourself from the conversation or watch another video. He shouldn't have been attacked the way he was. Context matters and to say it doesn't is willfully ignorant. I hate racists but making a big deal about the Rogan video dilutes the power of calling people racists.

  20. Did you buy it cut from the deli? Or the red ribbon stuff? It’s a game changer when you get it from the deli and have it cut at their thickest setting!

  21. I didn't even know they had that. I just got the Oscar Mayer kind but now I want to try the deli kind

  22. These two factor authentication codes are getting out of hand

  23. Visual effect is wrong. Radiation creates overexposed speckles and streaks not blur or grain.

  24. That is actually real and they barely saved the guy's arm. Really scary actually

  25. Can't stand the Fresh Market. It's a wannabe Whole Foods but worse in every way. Don't get me wrong, Whole Foods basically invented the peel and markup so they don't get a pass, but at least the quality standards are higher.

  26. Damn those kids must have been so self sufficient. Can't even imagine growing up in those conditions basically fending for yourself.

  27. Stop allowing UofM to buy up every single property that goes up for sale downtown and north campus. They should be restricted to some degree because the properties they buy will never get sold. They have so much capital that they will never need to sell. The non-profit status is a joke.

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