1. Next will be a book on famous sex position done by people of westeros or different porn tapestries of westerosi people. Anything but winds of winter, if winds took this long imagine how long drem of spring will take

  2. My roommate watched this show when it premiered. I recall at the time thinking that it was really, very dumb.

  3. Corkus becoming an Apostle would have been amazing. Alt finale to Black Swordsman arc.

  4. Heating a spoon (place it in a cup of hot water for a bit) and placing it on the bite works too! This has worked the best for me so far since the mosquitos 🦟 love me.

  5. Heating up the flat of a knife with fire and pressing it down against the skin definitely works with distracting from the bite itch

  6. I think Mike would fucking hate Locke.

  7. SpaceK-47, for when you absolutely, positively need to kill every motherfucker in a room.

  8. Im surprised no one mentioned this on the discussion thread, I was like “lmao no way” when I saw that

  9. JUST a maiar? Think of it this way: Valar is more like a job title. They’re all Ainur.

  10. I'd agree with Void. Slan is a close second, not just for Booba but also because the whole Qliphoth part is great. Then Ubik then Conrad last.

  11. I just wish that Ubik and Conrad were designed to be a bit more individually distinct

  12. Agreed, but Ubik is the most talkative so I prefer him over Conrad

  13. Me too. Conrad has basically no personality, though when he showed up made of rats I did go like “OH DAMN”

  14. That’s a good point. Perhaps the device can’t be traced by those methods? We saw the odd cloning action happening; it’s possible whoever these folks are that are potentially developing vibranium hypodermic needles might be developing other tech.

  15. Deleting the contact wouldn’t remove the conversations, just make it unlabeled in the app

  16. Sorry, I gave up on that series. It took too long dancing around the story it was supposedly telling and being annoyingly opaque rather than just telling the story. I got sick of waiting for something I cared about to happen. (And yeah, I did get that sense of Daniel being no better, another reason I tuned out.)

  17. Ffs this movie has to come out already, so we can stop seeing posts about its impending release

  18. He absolutely deserves another go. His character was used so well in Luke Cage

  19. Luke Cage was dope. Wish they could have made each season not fizzle out, but Coulter was awesome, and DAMN what a great cliffhanger

  20. They should do something, ANYTHING, with the dude who played Ward. He was incredible.

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