1. Judging by the fact that, no one has seen it and 2 of the women involved in case have came out publicly and said there are no victims and everyone's lying, imma have to say it never happened so what was there for adin to see?

  2. How is this equality? Y'all just want special treatment at this point.😂

  3. So meuwth, not muth, right? 😆

  4. Idk know if you still care but this is my actual last name and this is correct

  5. Outstanding. And that’s the pronunciation I landed on 😎

  6. Yeah because she is sick of smelling it and you just made it even worse for her with that diy bong. Try to respect her and go outside maybe ? I know because i was that stupid kid 3 years ago and it just made things worse between my mom and I but you do you buddy. Have a good smoke.

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