1. Definitely. Tony hated Janice. And yes, it was already in motion. So there's your answer.

  2. Never saw a good outcome for Chris. He just had too many demons. Whenever it seemed he was getting it together he stumbled. Time after time.

  3. Well he wasn't well liked or respected, especially without Jackie Sr around. So I just think they wouldn't have been killed. But he would've been shunned by the crew indefinitely. Not to mention been beaten and forced to pay the money back. Although getting killed was still possible. After all, striking a made guy was a big deal. Pulling a shotgun on one, may have made him a dead man.

  4. Like AJ's friends, he probably had friends talking up college - getting laid, being a bookie, etc. The biggest reason, however, was probably just to get out of that house. But yes, it would have really changed the theme of the Sopranos if we proceeded to get a degree in Urban Planning.

  5. If you look at the note Sil hands Tony on the phone before he walks out, he clearly simply wrote 'DICK!' in large letters. Hysterical. A little joke between Steven and James that they didn't think would see the light of day.

  6. Tony didn't have to wait until season 4 finale to do that. With the way she pronounced Mario Kart in season 1 alone, she should've been made to be put down for the sake of the family then and there. Luigi must be spinning in his grave....

  7. Exactly. Old Man Satriale got into debt to Johnny Boy and gave up the store to him. Then on to Tony.

  8. I make them too. Sometimes I even make them for breakfast. I buy the thick, center-cut bacon from Publix. Thick, Texas toast. A couple of tomato slices drizzled in balsamic. Sliced Wisconsin cheddar (slightly melted). Small piece of lettuce. Teaspoon of ranch. America kicks ass. The rest of the world ate putzi before we gave them the gift of our cuisine....

  9. The guy was literally parked right in the middle of the street - taking up the whole road. You're not allowed to do that just to get your mail. He easily could've pulled off to the side as to not obstruct the roadway or into his driveway which was right there. Then, he's got the balls to tell Vito to put his hazards on, when he didn't have his on while parked in the same spot?! This is a cloudy day - two lane remote road with curves. Stupid accent guy was in the wrong. But Vito was so annoying by the time of the JohnnyCake episode there's no clear good guy in this....

  10. Yeah I mean all those little things shouldn’t amount to getting shot in the head but I understand the meaning and symbolize of it being done. Regardless of the factors, it just made my stomach twist more than most other scenes in the show

  11. The guy chose to live in a state with a slogan of 'Live Free Or Die'. He had it comin'. New Hampshire...Just combine that state with Vermont and get it over with already...

  12. I smoked a blunt once with Massive Genius. Smart guy.

  13. Chrissy and Ade going to that Chicken Shack in a bad part of town to stand in line for shitty food was just so misplaced. I know it was so the rapper character and him had a chance to connect but after all that vibe in that place, why on earth did Chrissy and Ade think that food was going to be safe to eat?

  14. Look at almost big business name sign they show in the scenes terrible cgi on all of those too. Once you see it you can't unsee it.

  15. Look, let me tell you something, Dude! Thank you, but I've done CGI in Denmark.

  16. I love how Richie gives the Engineer that line. Like somehow Denmark is the hotbed of rock music or something.

  17. Lots of recasts. Chrissy's mom. Tony's sister.

  18. Funny how Carm says "I don't even want to say how much it costs...". Of course she does! And she actually says it. How tacky can you be?! Trying to impress a teenage girlfriend of your son that badly?! Weak.

  19. I always wondered how he disposed of the body. No way he buried him. Way too out of shape for that. So he probably just left him there. Way to cover up a murder scene. Why don't you just leave a urine sample next time. If there's a body, with obvious strangulation marks around their neck, there's going to be an investigation. Tony is always the one preaching to the crew not to draw attention to your actions.

  20. Artie beating the shit out of Benny was very close. In the end, Benny suffered the humiliation of getting his ass kicked by Artie. I don't even know if Benny was made, but if he was, he should've lost his stripes then and there.

  21. Melfi's ex Frank was such a colossal douche.

  22. Love that scene where Pauly is terrified of having prostate cancer. He's really scared and alone. After a nasty fight, and weeks/months of not talking, when he's in his time of need, he shows up at Nucci's place. Just to sit with her and be comforted. Family was the only place he could turn - no wife or kids. Would never be 'comforted' by the crew. Also around that time he was responsible for that ride so even the crew had temporarily turned on him. He just sits there and she goes right into 'mom' mode as if he was a child. Offering him cookies. Brilliant scene.

  23. You have to consider the Placebo effect, especially for psychotropic drugs and especially for panic attacks.

  24. Well that's true. Tony early on thought his prozac was having an effect after only a few days before Melfi told him no. Also, he was self medicating and changing his dosage when he had the limp dick thing so he really didn't know how prozac works. Obviously, it was put in there so the viewer could get reminders - a close up look at the bottle - that he's on antidepressants.

  25. Actually, he's going there to live temporarily. I think that was when things were going haywire with the maids and the house so he got frustrated and left for awhile. He was separated from Carmella and didn't really know how long he was staying. So it was really a living space. With his family sorta slipping away, I think the photo was just something he wanted close by him for the comfort factor.

  26. Lmao what’s with the downvotes? Genuinely have no idea what you said to piss those couple people off

  27. Whenever anyone is REMOTELY critical of anything Sopranos people wet their pants.

  28. My favorite is when he’s explaining to Meadow how Caitlyn just doesn’t get New York, he literally says “me and you are from the mean streets.” He’s from fucking Calabasas and Meadow is from the richest area of NJ haha.

  29. I thought that too. When he says 'mean streets' with that soft, feminine voice you just want to smack him. Guy lives in a gated community in one of LA's most exclusive neighborhoods. Caitlin probably lives in a much more rough and tumble area than Jamal Ginsberg.

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