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Russia withdraws its troops from key city as Ukrainian forces close in - National |


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  1. You neglected to mention the reason that the Liberals sabotaged it. Rupert Murdoch regarded improved internet and streaming capability as a threat to his existing cable tv business, so he ordered the Liberals to hobble the roll out of the NBN.

  2. I keep hearing of this place.. what is this place ?!

  3. It’s the only town of any size in the middle of Australia. About 30,000 people live there, but folks up there tend to be a bit different.

  4. Yes. He’s been reworked for OW2 to be a tank. He works as a dive tank sort of like Ball to knock people out of position. There are mixed opinions on whether he’s good or bad, but he has been played a decent amount in Overwatch League, so he can’t be terrible.

  5. My favorite thing was trying to determine if we got the ‘good doomfist’ on our team. But the doomfist that controls the match is always enemy doomfist.

  6. Losing the war in Ukraine is not gonna be the end of him. Engaging in a nuclear war with NATO definitely would be tho

  7. Losing in Ukraine will be politically unsurvivable for him, and in Russian politics, that all means regular unsurvivable.

  8. Given all the well documented atrocities Russian troops have inflicted on Ukrainian civilians, I find it very difficult to feel any sympathy for them, or to suggest that the Ukrainian army should show any mercy.

  9. The swan is aggressive and now it’s armed with a stick.

  10. My birthday is on the 6th. This is my present from the universe.

  11. She’s been in literally zero of the promotion or teasers of this restoration, why do you people hold such a stretch of a theory for so long? Let it, go she’s not coming back.

  12. Wow they actually caught and relocated it. If this happened in the US they would have just hunted it down, killed it, and eaten it.

  13. Crocodiles are a protected species in Australia, you can’t just kill them because they’re inconvenient. Generally, the only time they are shot is if they are actually attacking someone or they have already killed a person. If it’s not a direct immediate threat to human life, they are unusually just caught and moved somewhere further away from people.

  14. I would like a Bandido vs Takeshita best of 5 series rivalry please. Thank you for your consideration.

  15. The Rein-Zarya and Winston-Dva combos are what I’m going to miss most about OW1. Shout-out to all the main tank and offtank bros out there.

  16. Some of them seem very long. While they’re quite characterful, I’m not sure how practical some of them are for a hero select screen.

  17. I’ve played consistently from launch until now and clocked up about 3500hrs, but every time I hear something new about OW2 I get more disheartened and wonder if I’m even going to want to keep playing long term if it’s all going to be such a hassle just to play.

  18. No dumb questions right? Just wondering what the up side is for 25 per day average Covid death rate? Seems that each death isn't a tragedy now.

  19. I doubt it offsets the additional costs to the health system of the people who end up with long Covid.

  20. They did indeed. The Happi genji skin is 200 OWL tokens in OW1 right now (in game as we speak).

  21. But that's also an additional 33% pride and accomplishment.

  22. They're not going to get better if they're not given time. Remember how bad Jade was at first? She's gotten a hell of a lot better (even if her promos are pretty one dimensional) because she's been given lots of opportunities to do promos in front of a live audience. For AEW's women's division to improve, they have to invest time in it.

  23. I wasn't familiar with her until I began watching AEW on the regular in early 2020. Whenever I watched her matches I was like, dude this woman is awesome! She moves so fast and every move she does looks like it has such an impact. I honestly feel she's in a class by herself in that division. I think there are a couple women there that can hang with her in the ring and maybe a couple more will reach that level. But yeah right now she's the absolute best wrestler in the women's division.

  24. If you watch her matches in Japan, you’ll see that she’s only going at about 75% in AEW. She slows it down for the women she’s working with in America because so many of them are comparatively inexperienced.

  25. Shida is the most unsung and undervalued stalwart of AEW. She had a great championship run under very difficult circumstances, organised the joshis for the women’s tournament a while back, puts on great matches with anyone whenever she wrestles and makes them look good, and always looks a million bucks and gets good reactions from crowds everywhere

  26. So basically Hikaru Shida is the actual face of the women's division Britt Baker claims she is

  27. I hope this means that they'll consider adding more to the game, and maybe one or two more expansions, or at least some post game content

  28. I think it’s still unlikely. They clearly want to move on from the RED Engine and get stuck into working on Witcher 4. What it does do is show that there is life in the Cyberpunk IP and increase the chances of a sequel down the line.

  29. That buddy cop movie energy is why I'd prefer a shaky face/heel tag team vs a breakup. I can see them making it work.

  30. Keith isn’t mad at Swerve, he’s just disappointed.

  31. She definitely brought more attention to the division than any other champion.

  32. Probably because she actually got a decent amount of TV time. No other Women’s Champion has gotten as much opportunity to get over. The only other woman who gets comparable TV time is Jade Cargill.

  33. Easily Hikaru Shida. She carried the whole division through the pandemic, helped organise the women’s tournament and get the Joshis over for it, puts on great matches every time she’s on a show, makes everyone she works with look better than they are, has a great look and style about her. Literally the only thing holding her back is her limited English. She may not get as much attention as some others, but she is the backbone of the AEW women’s division and should be a much bigger presence.

  34. Dalles Fuel did this set up perfectly with Zarya Reaper combo. It was earlier in the season but they showed how to execute this idea.

  35. They did it again just this past weekend. Since the last patch, the meta has shifted back to how it was at the start of the season.

  36. Fuck's sake people. Can we leave the man alone please?

  37. Ah, but the difference is Reby brings the excellent messy clapbacks and then goes away to (presumably) give birth to the next member of the Hardy Family Office

  38. The Hardys are playing the long game. They are going to win all their long running beefs by sheer weight of numbers.

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