If you’re grilling service reps on Fidelity’s chat system about the split/splidividend situation, you need to realize how silly that is

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Breaking: Twitter indeed appears to have subpoenaed Ken Griffin of Citadel

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  1. Same mods that won’t answer the questions I asked? Ban me for all I care this sub is compromised!

  2. I want the Clown on CNBC to protect me from that Clown!

  3. I want to be protected by bullies, abusers, violencers, threateners, hostage holders, cowards, ideological subverters, malicious individuals, scammers, con artists, thieves, kidnappers, criminals, and all sorts of dangerous persons. Anyone who refuses to be dangerous in most competitively top recognized reputation in trojan horse wolf-in-sheeps-clothing fashion, I will make sure to not accept any protections from any such persons.

  4. I’m fine taking downvotes, if that’s how you feel. I can spare the karma. Won’t hurt me one bit.

  5. Yeah but even shitposts need to have some sort of relation to gME it doesnt mean post whatever you want

  6. The part about shorts is relevant to GME. Do you not think GME is naked shorted?

  7. I know a little code, so it appears you did not put in as much effort as I thought. But still good!

  8. lol, I hired 100 apes to write 1 line each and then I received those writings by carrier pigeon and then I smashed them together with bananas onto my 14,400 baud modem making sure that it transmitted to this subreddit

  9. That sound more reasonable! To think I thought you were wrinkle enough to write code! Shows how dumb I am.

  10. NASDAQ (aka tech) has grown to overpriced prices in that timeframe.

  11. Pretty sure Turd Cruz is bought by the corrupt Wall Street donors.

  12. If a thousand apes from Texas send him a message about this, he will have to take notice.

  13. This is the same guy who flew to Cancun when his constituents were literally freezing to death.

  14. Divide and conquer is a common strategy used to pivot two people/groups against each other so they do not fight the greater evil.

  15. eBay fees can be as high as 10%. IM sure there are other avenues.

  16. Ugh sir this is a GameStop/GME sub! Why you posting that trash pump and dump here?

  17. No way to know, but I believe SIPC insurance only covers around $500k per account. Fuck around and find out if you want.

  18. Haven’t seen a Pizza Hut like that in almost 20 years.

  19. Could be relating to possible information on calls/puts bought around the time Elon was supposed to purchase Twitter. If Elon bought calls when making the offer and sold or bought puts before pulling out of offer it could lead to information suggesting Eon only did it to make money.

  20. Please stop mentioning this trash pump and dump! The company behind it is known to pump and dump newly listed stocks! This is forum sliding as this is a GameStop and GME sub!

  21. Not to mention the guy that originally brought up that pump & dump has a very questionable history:

  22. No dates! Anyone saying any ticker will squeeze at any date is sus AF!

  23. Keep working and take a few months off (unpaid) a year to travel. Pay off all my immediate family’s debt. Still gonna drive the same car I drive now, not much will change for me. Except the fact that I’ll be worth more. Don’t plan on selling anything except the few I have left in brokerage accounts so I’ll probably never actually see the money in my bank account.

  24. I will never work for someone else again that’s for sure. But I’ll definitely take some time off too and travel.

  25. I’ll never be too prideful to work for someone else, I enjoy my coworkers. Money is money, even if I’m a millionaire.

  26. I would say something inappropriate but I ain’t trying to get another temp ban.

  27. Please do not mention that pump and dump ticker! You are playing into MSM hands by even mentioning it! By mentioning it the MSM can tell everyone “look how it is trending on Reddit.”

  28. I guess I should of photographed it in my hand, it’s about 2/3 the size of my palm and a little thicker than a deck of cards

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