1. No BS I offered my Tia (Aunt) to trade it for the SNES I gave her kids.

  2. A better idea is to issue a single NFT for each share. The purpose of the NFT being solely to display, and update, a counter on how long its been held. Turn holding shares into a game with a literal high score. See who can hold their shares for the longest time, and track how frequently each share is traded. You trade the share, the counter resets. Gotta hodl em all.

  3. Why do one NFT? I heard from sources RC will buy them all!

  4. The future, that’s why! Web 3.0, NFTs, infinite money!

  5. If you trade any stonk, market makers can front run you and make more than you off the trade. And with high volatility you might never be able to buy back your original position.

  6. Idk what an exit strategy is! F*ck I don’t even know how the sell button looks! Remember they are trapped in here with me!

  7. Some people really love the smell of gasoline lol.

  8. Gasoline and diesel don’t smell good. I do love the smell of Hexene and other chemicals we also test. I know they are bad and my job tests our blood levels twice a year and provide excellent health insurance for us.

  9. I'm a facility manager at Shitadel and was standing next to the door where the meeting took place. 99% true.

  10. A person close to the matter days that my balls are itchy. Scratches itch There. That's better.

  11. Looks like theyre covering on xrt this am

  12. Is simple supply and demand for an etf that has retail stores in it. /s

  13. Didn’t they collect $65B in assets sold not yet delivered? And their profit from when they started is what? (Look it up, it’s been in an article) so pretty much all their profits are assets sold and not yet delivered…sounds like a classic Madoff or Ponzi setup to me.

  14. TBH, if I sold stuff I didn’t have, or plan to actually ever buy, I’d be making $16b a year too.

  15. I had to wait for a letter in the mail to actually login and create my Computershare account. I Set up my account back in October/November 2021, not sure if it has changed since then.

  16. Lol how many billions of shares not purchased now?

  17. Grind hard you can probably buy a phat in 3-5 years. A 20 year cape means you grind hard, even if off and on.

  18. I think the theory is blue had/has the least amount, but merchers back in the day used to sell pink phat the highest, back when they were like 200k (been playing for over 20 years, and got a cape to prove it). I, personally, believe there are less DOR, half wines, and pumpkins left in the game, as those were consumable. DOR was a necessity at a certain time.

  19. Someone exercised 208 calls at $20 just to fuck with market makers and DRS them? Fucking genius!

  20. Too busy scrolling for dd and not charging the phone.

  21. OG! Let the phone die! I hate seeing screenshots with 50%+ phone charge! Iykyk

  22. After all of this bullshit and these corrupt markets - when this happens - After 2 years of holding - I AM DEFINITELY DANCING.

  23. A “source familiar with Jim Cramer said everything is fine” and also “forget GameStop, please!”

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