1. PNW Coast gravel handlebars wide 480mm and I am going back to Flat mountain bike Handlebars from Thorn eXp flat mountain bike Handlebars 620mm wide 12.5° Backsweep

  2. Very underrated model IMHO. I loved my orange Saga Disc although I ended up swapping it for a Wolverine. More appropriate for me but it can't tour like this!

  3. You may be in for some experimentation. I don't use drops anymore either. Generally they put too much strain on my back and neck over the course of a day. The problem with most flat bars is that they don't give you many hand placement options. I've been using a butterfly/trekking bar on an extended stem for a while now, but my new Jones H-bar just showed up and I'm pretty excited to try it.

  4. Sorry, I'm not certain what this means.

  5. It's a Trek FX3. The good news is, Trek have accepted the warranty claim even though it's five years old already and are replacing the bike.

  6. Ravpower I think they're hard to find in Europe, I will look for the Charmast ones though. Cheers.

  7. The M prefix indicates the M786 is primarily intended for mountain biking use, hence why it has a clutch. The T in T6000/T8000 is for "touring" so no clutch; this looks more like a classic long-cage derailer. Either works fine for you, as far as I can tell. The clutch won't hurt anything and might be nice to have if you're going to tour on dirt.

  8. Oh I forgot to mention that my Right Shifter is the 10 speed Shimano Deore M4100 IS-EV with Wolf Tooth shiftmount On my PNW Coast gravel handlebars 480mm wide flare 20:and I might go to the Spank flare 25 vibrocore drop bar 520mm wide

  9. Yes, I imagine the clamp diameter of your M4100 shifters may not work with drop bars.

  10. my Right Shifter is the 10 speed Shimano Deore M4100 IS-EV with Wolf Tooth shiftmount IS-EV clamp 31.8mm On my PNW Coast gravel handlebars 480mm wide flare 20 if I go to mountain bike handlebars and I would have to get a new clamp for 22.0 mm

  11. Forget about bringing spares. If you have less than 7000 miles on the tires that are on the bike now they will be fine. Maybe carry a spare folder if you are worried about catastrophic failure but no more than that.

  12. Yeah most likely I'm going to change the tires before I go because I've been running these tires on the street to San Diego California at my work. And I'm a homeless advocate in San Diego County. And I noticed some thread coming out a side wall of front tire I had a guy cut me off and I ran into him going up the hill between Pacific Beach and UTC San Diego on a bicycle trail

  13. My question, did you ever have a flat in the past year with these tires? Then let that be your guide..

  14. Wow, that clearance between the rear tire and the seat tube!

  15. Looks like you have a mount for a handlebar bag (Ortlieb?), and you also have a traditional bicycle computer, and a GPS-type bike computer, and an additional "out front" type holder with nothing attached in the photos. Some questions: (a) what do you attach to the "out front" holder? (b) How do you use all your devices in combination during a tour? (c) have you found a way to mount a battery/USB light despite the handlebar bag?

  16. Yes on mounting a light on a GoPro camera mount with a adapter for Cygolight and GoPro out front mount is for my GoPro camera and Smartphone as a tripod for my Homeless Advocate work in San Diego California. And I always don't use my GPS unit Garmin that's why I have an additional cycle computer

  17. Thanks a lot. I like the convenience and stowage of an Ortlieb handlebar bag, but haven't figured out where to mount my light, and have had to move my GPS to the stem (where it's less convenient than with the out-front mount). Curious to see solutions :)

  18. Thinking of doing the southern tier (Westbound from St Augustine) in October maybe I will see you!

  19. I have a trigger shifter on my drop bar(tiara shifter w/ultegra rear der) and I had to use a Dremel tool to shave off some material due to a larger bar diameter with drops vs flat bar but otherwise works just fine.

  20. 1: buy better tent stakes 2: don't use military paracord 3: only use 1 mm to 3 mm guyline rope 4: your camping with Sandy areas buy snow/sand tent stakes Can't think of anything else

  21. I think it's to keep the "vanlife" crowd from overrunning the place, but I could be wrong.

  22. The prudent approach would to be tighten them appropriately. That is not a part that tends to fail if appropriately maintained (minimal work).

  23. I don't carry spare chainring bolts, and I've never regretted that in my combined 8,000-ish miles of touring experience. But I do always carry a few spare bolts for racks and water bottle cages, and those have come in handy many times over. Usually not for my own bike, but I've definitely made a few friends giving those to other cross-country cyclists in their times of trouble.

  24. Here's a video of the guy bike touring down Pennsylvania route 219 out of Bradford, Pennsylvania at 4:31mins

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