1. I like both the comic and mcu versions of the character they are nowhere near similar and I’m okay with that. I think Jeremy renner does a fantastic job for his version of the character.

  2. I think that most of them have been consistent. But I also think that the island gives a lot of them like professor x or beast a reason to change krakoa in their mind is there only hope they need to change cause the old ways haven’t worked. I personally have loved the krakoa era it’s something truely unique.

  3. Star Wars fans really gotta complain about everything

  4. They were booing Higgins absolute scumbag fanbase

  5. I’m glad it’s over. I’m looking forward to other games

  6. Xforce seems to be coming back to it excited to see how it goes

  7. They are unfortunately no longer available online since IDW lost the license at the end of last year.

  8. First one is definitely Karnak. Second is either Hercules or gorgon I can’t tell.

  9. We’ve seen how our coaching staff can develop a qb so a rookie would be a lot cheaper

  10. Glad we gave Bryan mone that extension so he can be a nose tackle who’s bad at defending the run

  11. Who are you to invalidate how he feels. Easy YTA you’re just proving what he said right and probably pushing him away from women even more.

  12. Brooks and nwosu the rest could honestly be replaced

  13. It would only do good things for transformers. Anyone who hates on fornite and it’s collabs is more childish than the kids who play the game.

  14. In a raid no survivors but in the wild otters are save so are dolphins

  15. People who don’t read comics repost it on twitter all the time pretending to have read it, a comic that doesn’t exist

  16. That’s hilarious but I don’t see how this damages the team

  17. After seeing what our coaching staff can do with a qb our late first or early second is fine with me

  18. I’m at 73 hours and I’m just about at the end. Gonna grind my heroes a ton before doing the final mission though.

  19. I’m trying to grind that friendship I wanna see their special outfits

  20. I won't grind the MS outfit for tony 30hours in and I'm still at level 0 friendship with him. I hate his arrogance. Fun to play tho

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