1. I applied, interviewed well and am still on a waiting list coming up on a year later. My background is primarily white collar, but I do lots of weekend construction projects. Most of the projects are pretty big for a solo runner, like remodeling my kitchen down to studs and building the cabinets and counters from scratch. I have the tools, the drive and intuition to get big projects done in a quality workmanship manner, but the IBEW still keeps me waiting so they can hire in cousin Vinny that needs a career path after he knocked up the foreman’s daughter.

  2. Half the price because you had to go buy a brand new drill?

  3. “The road to hell is paved with good with good intentions.” I’m not religious but I remember reading it on the back of a Diablo II manual when I was kid and thought it was fitting here.

  4. Here I am reading a quote from DII about 25 years after it came out. On a random thread about some dude trying to prove to his wife he knows how to use his new fancy drill lmao

  5. Check with your homeowners insurance, you might be able to file a claim!

  6. What do you call a huge, jacked up Dodge Ram without a hanging set of truck nuts? Dodge Ma’am

  7. I know very little of wrestling, outside of what I pick up from MMA circles... But isn't there a lot of debate about that match because of some sort of rule change? I know more than a few wrestlers who are of the opinion Karelin didn't lose so much as got f#%£ed by the rules.

  8. It was a little bit of column A and a little bit of column B. The rule change fucked with Karelin’s wrestling style, but Gardner showed up in the best shape of his life and wrestled with nothing to lose.

  9. Hi, I sent that info on Saturday to that email address.

  10. I thought I could rationalize that, but that's not why I spent the last 2 years of my life obsessing over learning and being the most honest tech I can be. I feel like it's my personal responsibility as a technician to present and recommend options for their best interest, not interest them in something I don't need to recommend.

  11. I’m not in HVAC, but I work with auto technicians under similar predicament. Oh how I wish I could give you good advice other than to keep your chin up, and don’t ever sacrifice your ethics for the almighty dollar.

  12. Michigan State. Rival: Michigan Enemy: Ohio State Friend: Anyone playing those two, but probably Wisconsin

  13. Looks great! What was the grow medium and what did you feed them?

  14. Title should read "Corporate is making me post stuff to sound like a tool owner" . The amount of Milwaukee stuff on reddit is insane compared to what's out there

  15. What do you mean? I love my Xingchang drill. It has questionable build quality, nobody has any chargers if I misplace mine, it flexes oddly, the batteries are compatible with absolutely nothing else, and if I break it, I have to order a new one that will be here in 2-3 weeks. But hey, I saved $50 over going to Home Depot! /s

  16. The only positive from owning this crap is that nobody wants to steal it

  17. Miami Vs tOSU in 2002 for the national Title. The U was a powerhouse juggernaut riding a 20 something game win streak. If you paid attention back then, you’d see Miami just dismembering the Big East and 2001 Nebraska for the natty. Ohio State just kept barely squeaking out victories by 3-7 points. Miami and Ohio State went in complete opposite directions program-wise after that game.

  18. For a dead-silent floor, I sank over 2,000 screws into my subfloor during my kitchen and dining room remodel. For that kind of work, I couldn’t imagine using anything better than an impact driver with torx head screws.

  19. They really are. When my wife opened up the first package she was PISSED! “Why are you ordering more stuff on Amazon?!” I assured her I didn’t and was very confused until I found his gift note. Outside of family, this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me :D

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