Everton [2] - 1 Arsenal - Demarai Gray 90+2'

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  1. Man we shouldn’t have bottled Thursday. Could have had over 50 points, top half and relegated the scouse rats. Ah well, still the most enjoyable season since we stayed up in 13/14 and for once I’m gutted it’s over. Will really miss not having Palace to look forward to every weekend, especially seeing how our football has progressed. Before we melted at Goodison we were playing out from the back wonderfully and Eze and Wilf were running riot. Couple of upgrades in midfield and we’ll have much more control of games and lose it less in build up

  2. Yea kinda but w out klopp he’d have won 5 prems in a row and prob a cl or 2 so idk

  3. People are criticizing Guardiola for subbing on Fernandinho to make the team more defensive and secure a comfortable lead of two goals. And the team conceded two goals in the last minutes.

  4. He coached like a perfect gmae pretty much we just xooged them I rlly don’t think he could’ve done any better

  5. Out of all the players including the keepers, Eder Militao is easily the worse on the ball.

  6. posting this now so that i don’t get crucified: the PL should have a all star weekend.

  7. Kinda mad how we’re discussing UCL while East Europe is on the brink of war.

  8. Werner might be chessis only good attacker

  9. What's the deal with Tuchel being so defensive with Chelsea? He wasn't this bad with Dortmund and PSG. It's not like he doesn't have the attackers in Chelsea as well

  10. How do you think Man City will get knocked out of the CL this season? Unless they win it ofc

  11. Think they prob just win it this year tbh

  12. Does anyone here actually thinks Foden's hair looks good?

  13. If your team could take any player from Chelsea, which player would it be? The team is very stacked so you have a lot of positions to choose from.

  14. What? Last season after the 18th game, Arsenal were on 24 points and now after 18 games, Arsenal are on 32 points?

  15. I think he’s talking about like whcih teams they’ve played home and away

  16. lads, what’s the best all or nothing to watch out of tottenham, man city or juventus?

  17. Isco has played like 2 games this season lol

  18. Who is the worst player to ever win a champions league? My money is djimi traore. They must have played the final to count.

  19. but he's a winger that has primarily played for lower half prem sides, a lot off the bench so 1 in 12 isn't all that bad.

  20. The fuck. Only the top 4 in pl have positive goal difference.

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