Sniper Headshots Should always be a down

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  1. Sasktel could be so much better. There's no rewards for loyalty and no deals that come close to any other provider. They could lower prices and lure a lot of people back, but they won't.

  2. When it comes to things like this when comparing prices, what i would do is price out exactly what each provider will cost you over 2 years, and if you own that phone or were leasing this. Many of my customers that quote bell or telus say they are cheaper. But after doing the 24 month math sasktel actually is. Its a matter of marketing that makes it seem as if competitors are cheaper. Especially when it comes to a subsidy phone price (sasktel) vs. Paying for the retail price, which is commin with bell and telus

  3. I work for sasktel. Any financing for your phone or accesories on your contract automatically falls off at the end of the 24 month period. However the $20 Bring your own device is a credit that you get by being out of contract. You must call in to have it applied, but i saves you $20 dollars a month until you sign your next contract. So for exampe, if your paying for an $80 plan and are financing a phone for $20 dollars a month your bill is around $100. After 24 months, that $20 falls off, and your paying $80 automatically. Now you call in and ask to have the “BYOD” credit applied, you are now paying $60 a month

  4. Seeing blackcell made me the most angry ive ever been at the Call of Duty creators and it takes alot to make me angry with devs. The fact they are asking me to pay $40cad for a small pass of rewards that should be in the normal battle pass in the first place. $40 dollars, when i paid $80 dollars for the entire game already and its still a buggy, unfinished, un-fun, piece of shit game. Its just a blatant middle finger to players and an obvious sign they want more money rather than actually make this game good again

  5. You can go on the Total 15 plan, which is $90 a month, then because you buy your own device outright and are not tied to a contract, you qualify for the “Bring your own device credit” which knocks $20 off your bill a month. So youll pay the same, have more data that is still unlimited, for the same price. The only shitty this is the slow down speeds are slower

  6. Check out Bolt Mobile in the city to setup sasktel internet. Theyll walk you through the plans and pricing and setup and answer any questions. Always fantastic service there. I think they a 4.9/5 google rating

  7. 1 in 200 people can trace their bloodline back to Gangus Khan

  8. Yeah same issue with blizzard launch. Redownloaded, rolled back drivers and still crashing every time i load in. Unbelievable that it hasnt been patched yet

  9. Dont text her my man. Dont give her the satisfaction of knowing shes having an affect on you. Be the bigger person. Ignore it. And it will help to move on. It always hurts seeing social media as thats what people out their best selves on. Ignore it all

  10. That feeling of love may never dissapear. Its okay to love someone and them have no part of your life anymore. My first girlfriend i still love. We havent spoken in years. But i learned to respect that i love them but i am in a better place without them in my life. Its okay to still love and move on and be hurt

  11. Yes i just went through this. Im 24 and worked hard to get a 2015 dodge challenger scat pack. It was my dream car and i was so proud of it. It was my child. I decided on a return to university and couldnt afford it without work so i had sold it. Only thing that keeps me going is a new goal of buying a new one after school. Whether not thatll be realistic or not, it helps to have hope haha

  12. An hour away is Reflections By richard in humboldt. Award winning photographer for who has owned his studio for over 40 years. Phenomenal work

  13. Powers back on, but no Shaw internet? Anyone else?

  14. lol i’m living just outside of edmonton at the moment, my car door froze and almost broke because it was so cold.

  15. Im out in central sask and we had -53 after the winchill this weekend. I turned my car on in the morning and witnessed my windshield crack end to end due to the cold. Been around -46 all week.

  16. Nice! I got the exact same one but in automatic

  17. Haha i picked it up in edmonton. Im actually in saskatchewan and it got put in the garage as soon as i got it home. Its not seeing a sask winter

  18. W...wait you fit a full size adult in the back?!?! Good job

  19. Hahaha honestly theres a decent amount of room back there. Im 6 foot and in the back i can sit with leg room comfortably

  20. I don’t doubt this is yours but it looks like you just took a picture of some dude pumping his gas.

  21. Haha its when i bought it. The sales rep filled it up before i left

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