1. Looks great, keep the course going and throw away the sharp objects

  2. Definitely need to go smooth with the haircut, the beard looks good on you too, you should bring it back too

  3. Zero guard buzzcut is my personal preference for a haircut, you wear it very well bro

  4. I’m going to vote big goatee, I imagine you could grow a beard of impressive proportions too

  5. Looks nice, let the mustache grow out longer and let the beard grow longer too

  6. You wear the shaved head well. I’d rock some facial hair with it, longer the better and hit the gym

  7. Buzzcut looks proper bro, really nice cut and compliments your facial hair

  8. It’s a combination of of things causing the beard dent. You’re right in the middle of a awkward phase more length will help straighten out the bends, secondly get a round brush and use a hair dryer right after the shower to straighten out the beard and train it to lay down without curling under the chin. Always apply the beard oil to the skin after you shower, applying oil to a wet beard and allowing it to dry naturally will increase curls

  9. Your current style beardstache looks great, I don’t think a certain style is exclusive to gay, someone telling you that?

  10. Well I don’t think you should worry about a style being stereotyped, styles very too personal taste.

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