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  1. Request přijat. Máš ohromující sbírku - zírám!

  2. I remember at the end of that game after you beat it you couldn't kill any more civilians and I was sad

  3. I just love that gif. Dude is sitting next to the desk in helmet, and uses some kind of press just to give out SUPER Fs

  4. You gave your imaginary girlfriend a blackeye.??

  5. Happy to help i enjoyed it a lot with you guys hope we can do something like this again 👍🏿

  6. I used to play a ton of siege and kinda wanna play again but I feel like if I get back into it I’d get flamed for being garbage, I last played like 2-3 years ago

  7. Dont it is terrible i play it mostly because of my friends

  8. What's your PSN? I'll add you. Or add me my PSN is QQ_xlsx. Hopefully, we get 3 more people. I'll keep in touch in the meantime.

  9. Né že bych je sbíral, jenom pro hry které mám fakt rád, mám jich jen 17, ale klidně, jakej máš name?

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