1. I have that cilantro tastes like dish soap issue. I wish I knew what it actually tastes like

  2. 7acres Jack Haze still gets me silly high even at lower thc. Broken coast Amnesia Haze is an option but more pricey. 1964 sour cookies is okay, but not the same terpene profile I also find it less racy of a high. It's tough to find good Haze lineages in Canada right now on the rec market.

  3. On holiday in Barcelona and I ran into Luis Suarez the day he signed for the team after Uruguay was eliminated from the last world cup. I was wearing my liverpool kit and he signed it. My girlfriend made a frame for it and it hangs on my wall!

  4. You have some shadowless base set. Get sleeves, unless there are holos there isn't a huge amount of $ but they are quite rare to stumble on

  5. Shadowless base gyrados might be like 30$ judging from ebay. And you have a banned grimer card, it's looking up a girl's skirt and it can be like $15 to $20 according to recently sold

  6. That card isn't worth much, like maybe 50c? especially in the condition yours is in. Even little bits of whitening on corners make a difference, never mind the little black splooges all over it.

  7. Does the vape cart actually exist? Canna cabana had it listed as a vape but when I tried to buy one it was actually hash

  8. Well to be fair I don't know your stock and sorry for being pretentious haha. Okay well for that price point tribal is a fantastic bang for buck, great genetics grown/prepared well. Cuban lynx or Gelato Mint would be my 2. Homage grape escape or 1964 comatose are slightly more $ but great.

  9. Well... it looks like a cat chewed it or it was used as a target for a bb gun so not much.. like a couple bucks at most probably

  10. On my second bag of the homestead Bangtail. It's fantastic

  11. How were the effects? Indica leaning / couch lock?

  12. Food is so worthless. Really only good for filling an empty room with.

  13. The fondue is clutch for mage builds. Increases magica regen by lots

  14. Also not English so not more than a couple bucks at the most

  15. Not the expensive one. Yours is unlimited base set. The rare one is 1st edition, shadowless and has red cheeks instead of yellow

  16. I usually can fix the issue as it's most of the time a faulty battery or just clogged a bit. If they have a defective cart that's broken or leaking I'll do it but they need a receipt

  17. Lol haven't seen that specifically I'd probably still return/replace it.

  18. I heard a long time ago that all the Starbucks drinks that are red or strawberry coloured/flavoured have some insect from South America in them that makes it red lol. Idk if they still do it, but I’m almost certain it was true at one time.

  19. Lots of chocolate with coatings have it. Also artificial vanilla is from beaver butt glands

  20. Cue that guy who always comes into OCS threads and says boof it.

  21. Try glue so you don’t get elastics lost in your butthole

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