1. teammates blasting double legs on Volk won’t simulate the wide arsenal of takedown tools islam has at his disposal - inside/outside trips, hip throws, foot sweeps, single legs, etc.

  2. yes bc they only practiced blast doubles during his entire training camp

  3. Yea Mods, let’s argue over a deleted post and let him prove you wrong. i think?

  4. i think he did this not too long ago in Okc with the Devon tower

  5. I would say the small amount of good weed. But i also haven’t smoked in 3 years so my judgment could be bad

  6. Every once in a while in the penis

  7. No shit, that's what these posts are. You must be a genius.

  8. What kind of lazy fuck sits in the car while the gas is pumping?

  9. join crossfit. every single person who did crossfit in my academy excelled in the physical stuff

  10. Detroit. The tan base is so cool bc they used to be ass all the time so they’re cool if they win or lose

  11. Shanahan is such a tool. What a joke performance by the 49ers.

  12. I usually don’t put any, but if there’s tags you suggest let me know, maybe I’ll use them…

  13. Wanna put in a tag and see if we can find each other. On the slim chance

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