1. When you go to hit play next game and it shows your upcoming games, you can go back and view the previous games box scores

  2. I saw you got it to work with the blow dryer. Sometimes some concentrate will get clog it up, blow dryer works at melting usually or just sucking on the cart until it unclogs. Also clean both the battery’s connection and carts connection, make sure theres no dirt or lint

  3. I appreciate the input, was worried I got a bad one there for a sec, that’s good to know.

  4. Yes! The blow dryer seemed to do the trick

  5. Their lemon dosidos is great in those

  6. I really liked the kush mints, nice body high I felt like great for relaxing

  7. I think so, it def is a nice nighttime strain for me still tho.

  8. See me I like my pods nice and stinky

  9. But other brands are pretty much the same price maybe $5-$10 cheaper depending on what brand. You figure the average 1/10th without discount is $40-$45 thats $80-$85 a fifth woodward is $89. My local dispos run flower sales 4-5 days a week with 15-30% off.

  10. I know it’s nice to get the small containers and try different strains but you will save so much money by buying half oz and up I usually get mine for 80-100$ for a half just have to find a strain you like

  11. It's a bit of a process. You can't do it as your main QB1 character -- you're restricted to only editing your gear/appearance/bio, and only viewing your teammates, with no control or edit abilities over them.

  12. Is this for 21? I’m trying to figure out how to create the coach for another team but can’t seem to figure it out.

  13. One of my fav strains to relax at night time. I actually just discovered an almost full 2.83 jar of this stuff I had forgotten I had in the bottom of my workout bag- I was wondering why my clothes kept smelling like straight gas 🤣🤣

  14. One of the worst carts I’ve bought from a dispo I got them dirt cheap tho. I bet Ohio still finds a way to charge us $50 for them lmao

  15. Sunnyside often has good deals on the 8.49g and half ounces of this. Not a big sativa fan myself but I picked up a half of this not to long ago for $89 and wasn't disappointed.

  16. I’m not a huge sativa guy either but this stuff seemed nice and mellow for me, I smoke it before bed all the time

  17. The live resin for this stuff is one of my favorites in the program

  18. I got mine for like 32$ cheapest lusters I’ve found. I thought they were decent and I don’t love botanical terps.

  19. Love this strain super relaxing body high

  20. You got two really good ones! I love the hash plant. The Rollins was one of my favorites I had it in the live resin tho

  21. I love it it’s a super balanced high and tastes amazing. I have been thru like 6 of them already

  22. Really liked this one, leaves a great after taste

  23. I'd say one of the top 10 best products in the program.

  24. One of my favorite night time strains forsure

  25. You have a spinner in that banger?

  26. Terp slurper with a pillar and pearls, a couple marbles complete the set

  27. That’s nice I miss my terp balls, I can’t find them 😅😅

  28. I forgot to post a pic of the label but the terpenes were Car-8.90, Limonene-2.65, Humulene-2.50, Linalool- 2.46, Myrcene- .55 Total THC- 615.72 Mg

  29. I got this on sale for 30% off at Terrasana and I should’ve bought two of them! super gassy smell to it which I like. I also got 4 of the live resin pods of this strain as it’s becoming one of my favorites

  30. How do you like the sherbhead pod? I think it’s the only klutch live resin I haven’t tried besides ICC

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