1. Give me FE7’s unnamed Dragon or give me death

  2. Brave dragon, oh my goodness. I'd give up all my votes for that.

  3. Gatekeeper broke the subreddit, (Gullveig could break the game) but Brave Dragon…

  4. I'm gonna be selfish here but please, spend all your orbs on this banner to push it to the top of sales so that they are incentivized to continue this trend. More characters per banner means it is less painful when an OC takes a spot, and helps get the characters we are familiar with in faster like Athos, Nergal, the Eight Legends, Anankos, Ashunera, etc.

  5. As much as I’m hyped for Formortiis I can’t believe Anankos is still not in, we’re gonna see Sumeragi before Anankos I swear

  6. Most anyone can become any class except for the unit specific ones. You just have to bond him to the right emblem to get him the weapon proficiency first.

  7. Damn so I could make all my armoured units mages if I really wanted to!

  8. His special growth passive doubles class growths and his base growths are super balanced, so he'll adapt to whatever you put him in. Just be sure if you plan to make him a phys attacker to get him off his original class quickly, since it doesn't have good str growth.

  9. Cool thanks will defo think about this. I’m gonna make a 10yr old killing machine

  10. Who’s the best unit to get for this. I’m a bit undecided

  11. Icl it’s nice to see a mix of middling to good reviews. Even if the middle ppl seem disappointed it’s not a 3H 2. That being said I’m here more for the gameplay, I doubt the story is gonna blow my mind.

  12. The difference between her and Gatekeeper is that Gatekeeper is a fully realised character. Sure, he’s an unnamed NPC, but he has more dialogue than any single FEH OC, let alone one like Gullveig who’s only just debuted. There’s more to him than simply being the latest flavour of busty and skimpily dressed waifu. While I was initially dumbfounded at Gatekeeper’s upset of CYL5, I’ve come to appreciate what he represents as an everyman who remains a steadfast rock throughout Fodlan’s various struggles, as seen through the player’s perspective. He’s always unfailingly jovial and enthusiastic towards Byleth (and Shez) and I think it’s very easy to see why he won CYL5.

  13. As someone who voted Gullveig (hear me out pls as I wasn’t a horny voter) I find the concept of her very very interesting. Sure she’s had like what 5 lines but I have faith the IS might be able to pull off her character (even tho we can all see the twist coming) so voting for her would give them the chance to give her more depth as a character instead of the face value stuff we see in the books. She actually feels like the biggest threat to Askr, more so than Hel and Embla were so she defo wins for most intimidating and mysterious especially for how little we know about her. Maybe her winning could inspire IS to improve book 7 for the future and make her a Heroes OC everyone will agree on liking (sorta like with Veronica).

  14. But think of the time manipulation shenanigans possibilities. She could come from a reality where she became Senator and played football where she could have gone pro. Don't fuck with this Snakeator!

  15. The time manipulation thing is one of the reasons I voted for her. There’s so many ways u could incorporate that into a brave alt and forging bonds. Sure her outfit may be a bit uninspired but like the possibilities are endless

  16. Apparently a lot of people figured it out beforehand, but I was absolutely shocked when Consul J was revealed to be Joran.

  17. I got that one spoiled for me thru YouTube thumbnails. Weren’t even looking for Xenoblade stuff. But it showed up. To be fair I’d seen consul j by that point but didn’t know who it was but it did make a lot more sense for why he sounded like a child.

  18. I liked him more than most of the non playable enemies. Plus as far as I remember he isn't already in FEH...

  19. True true Zola ain’t in yet. If he inevitably gets in it’ll probably be as a GHB unit

  20. This year…the top 20 and next year he conquers the Engage sweep and places

  21. I’m on the M!Robin train on the main and Gullveig train on the alt and I intend to see both station make it to the end of the line.

  22. Honestly I’m mixed so the fact there’s some black rep in this game makes me happy. Especially as they have main roles. The most rep we’ve gotten is Claude and Cyril who’re mixed which makes me one of the only ppl who like Cyril. Even then if we get darker we get Walhart as a villain (ignoring Muspell’s army) and then Flavia and Basilio who I really really like for there role in Awakening.

  23. In the morning before we all found out he was a guy I was looking at him thinking.

  24. It's no surprise that Askr would be a beacon for the bara audience (striking right in the middle of the faction overlap), but as

  25. Personally I think due to the Men’s side being overly competitive this year that may have pushed him below the top 20. For all we know he could’ve just missed out by 1 or 2 or being at least within the top 100. He has the bro factor, and likability, not to mention a great design. Ik an Engage sweep is inevitable next year but I feel like even with these detracting factors, if Askr enjoyers are able to consistently rally and get the thought of Askr in ppls heads he could have a chance at popping up to the Top 20 next year. And if midterms are alphabetical again it wouldn’t kill interest as we’d have no idea where he is and could possibly boost votes. We’ll just have to wait and see

  26. Based on current insights, NY 2023 carves a new low for seasonal banners (as shocking as it sounds). So CYL7-8 standing may be clutch for Book VI OCs in general... and I'd not be surprised if IS sticks to the bare minimum by only considering Ash and Askr for 2024+ Summer banners, plus picking Fjorm to fill gaps (as she holds her ground on the OC ladder and may be viewed as preferable to most Book V/VI OCs except Dagr/Nott that are likely 2023 picks).

  27. Icl when I logged in to pull on the NY banner I was hoping to get the Askr/Embla duo. I got him on the second try and was immediately satisfied. Then I took one more try and got Elm too. This was just from using up tickets so it was a win in my books. Haven’t pulled on it since

  28. Obviously it’s subjective but I think she’s still got the best design of any of the OCs. It’s just a cool, unique look that I think goes beyond just fan service

  29. I’ve been voting because horniness aside I wanna see what else they can do with her design. Especially as cyl gives out some of the better art in feh (see brave Byleth, Micaiah and the Glorious Gatekeeper)

  30. Ferdinand going from 62 (end cyl6), to top 20 for cyl7 mid results legit... surprises me.

  31. Don’t be…it’s only cause Billy Kametz (RIP Mr Von Aegir) died and ppl are probably tribute/love voting him. I’d vote him but I’m not keen on a recast

  32. I got this Amiibo for my brother and he’s used it perfectly fine. I’ve tried scanning it to get Amiibo gear and it just keeps telling me “Greetings from your bro” and won’t give me any gear.

  33. Same thing happened to me and my brother! It’s because you need to clear/reset data from the amiibo and register it under your Nintendo account. You just do this in main settings on the console I’m pretty sure. Had the same thing happen where it worked once for both of us to get the gear but not again. I still don’t know why but I think it might be because we scanned it by alternating at the same time.

  34. Damn I did think I might have to do that. I don’t think my bro will mind as long as I set it back to his account once I’m done with it. Thanks

  35. Hehehe…I’ve actually been voting for her on my alt account as I wasn’t sure if I’d stick. But seeming as ppl are actually doing it I’ll see after midterms if I keep for it.

  36. I think the decission of not include engage was really intelligent because the hype maybe raise in votes the characters and later on, are not that popular, and not having many lords makes it even more interesting

  37. Imagine if engage was in and characters were voted in on looks alone - and could later turn out to be bad characters who are stuck with a brave version nobody wants. With no big lords either side characters like Felix and Soren have been able to work their way to the top

  38. That could be awful, but I think IS would make a ballot for engage characters in the future. A mini CYL but only for engage. It´s likely that this year come lots of banners of engage

  39. There’s definitely gonna be lots of Engage this year. I already know some of them will defo make the summer banner this year

  40. I don't understand the Desaix memes.....and at this point I'm too afraid to ask. 😭

  41. He’s never gonna make the top 20 but if he does it’ll scare me enough to give him a vote

  42. Arcane weapons (and skills from rearmed) are good but not necessary, just spark in the new and rerun banners and u should be fine. And assuming u get some extras merge them or fodder for skills.

  43. I'm not really against Byleth as a character either, but with both Robins seeming incredibly likely to win and female Corrin being another strong contender on the womens' side, I just think having all four slots go to avatars would be kinda boring.

  44. Yeah yeah exactly. I don’t mind both Robins as I prefer them as avatars over Byleth. I just wanna see my boy Bruno make it up there even if it’s unlikely. The women’s side is anyone’s game but I would like Bruno to win. Let’s be real it’s gonna be Felix and Soren

  45. The fact that there was no day one top 8 this year makes last years CYL all the stranger.

  46. Either the top 8 is what we all predicted or it’s absolute chaos and they’re choosing to wait until midterms when everyone only has 3 votes left.

  47. Day one to Linhardt before I probably shift my efforts to Soren and Bernie, I'm hoping for at least one of them to make it before we get flooded w Engage characters and they lose momentum

  48. Why vote linhardt when u can vote his dad’s gigachad jawline into the game

  49. Please no more 3H braves... Every year is the same.

  50. If I had to predict this year it’s probably gonna go

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