1. Hours were horrifically cut during the holidays and we still haven’t recovered. About to lose 2, possibly 3 employees in the next couple weeks and have no clue what we’re gonna do. I know it’s not gonna happen, but we could all use some wishful thinking lol

  2. Here’s some wishful thinking. Oust the red queen and put someone else in charge of the company. Kim is actively doing damage control due to her husbands issues with the courts.

  3. An act of god. Florida is a right to work state. Trulieve would have 0 issues replacing every one of its employees at a moments notice.

  4. Gotta be my 00’ Silvia. I more or less drifted all 538 roads in it.

  5. Now come on guy, you are giving me hope for community redemption. /s

  6. I’m pretty sure my kids have been sick since last March when we moved back to Indiana from Florida. Just been one bug after another, never fully recovering in between. Doctor thinks it’s due to the covid quarantine, we (as a society) have crippled our immune systems.

  7. Yes! and eventually the game wouldn't let me upgrade cars anymore because i had too many "tunes" (they were mostly just lowered with spacers).

  8. I thought it was 1/4 cup of milk... Am I going crazy???

  9. Maybe it’s the spirals or shells? The regular is 1/4 cup.

  10. Nothing. I have literally all the perks of life at my immediate disposal.

  11. Great. Now all I can see is Vin Diesel in a tight spandex suit with a shifter knob logo.

  12. Legit i bought this car for 500k the day they gave it for free. And then seen the inbox notification that it was gifted and I'm like bruh I bought it. And then opened reddit. Well thats 500k lost xDD

  13. No, you were gifted the v1. The car in this vid is a V2. It’s a solid 20m car.

  14. Probably, cant Tell then apart cuz im new to the game

  15. Yeah there is the “Hoonicorn” (Free car gifted by PG as tribute to Ken Blocks death which you can buy from the Autoshow) and there is the “Gymkhana 10 Hoonicorn” which is the 160 point seasonal reward for this previous season. It sells for 20 million on the AH.

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