1. Joe was the best, I cant even think about reds without thinking of joe pitching bp to the players. Then going up and announcing the game. Still miss him. Marty was kind of annoying to listen to with all his opinions.

  2. Surprised they dont double down and change from six shooters to AR's.

  3. I could care less about his walkup song. Be productive and win would be nice

  4. I had there kush mintz a couple months ago and really liked it. Strong effects

  5. Try grinding fine and slow long inhales. Also play around with how tight you pack it as it will effect draw restriction and vapor production.

  6. Ok, thanks! I tried to pack as loosely as I could, tried dragging without herb and it´s maybe half the effort it takes with it, maybe it´s a bit like that with this vaporizer?

  7. I'm not familiar with that particular vape, but like with a conduction vape the trade off for me was tighter pack better vapor but more restricted air flow, then with convection vapes it seems like a looser pack is better vapor. I think you just experiment with different grinds, packs, temps, and type of puffs you take (some vapes taking a few little cigar type puffs at first gets them going) until you get tuned in to what works best for you. Best of luck

  8. I wonder if this is something he learned from playing with Brandon Phillips for so long? The two of them really know how to cache good will with us fans.

  9. Bad teams always have better spring training stats because they have more guys fighting their asses off to make the team. Once the regular season starts, the lack of talent compared to the good teams becomes pretty obvious.

  10. 75 was better for me as it was a little more exciting then in 76 when they were expected to win (and did), so 76 is probably the better team, but 75 has my heart. Loved them both and was fortunate to witness it all.

  11. Until she wants to quit, I think your wasting your time

  12. The $54 battery is what made me get removed from the pre release list....

  13. Same here, also the higher price was a little more than I was willing to spend. Love my fw7 and would love a fw8 but I'll be fine without.

  14. 80% of all the 1 or 2 day jars are too dry in my opinion. I always throw in a glass container with a humidity pack, a couple days it's good to go.

  15. If they would just put a good team on the field this wouldn't be happening.

  16. Donte do that. Mine got brittle and broke after doing it too many times. Just use iso or some spit and elbow grease and a push pin

  17. Been torching same ccd for 6 month now still works fine last one lasted about a year. I use to do it your way and it's just a pia. Torch works quick and easy.

  18. Let's let him prove himself before we declare him a for sure hof'er and give him all the money

  19. Good, but way way overpriced at the dispensarys near me.

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