1. quick question did you do the genetic testing that also gives you a gender and if you did was it accurate?

  2. For those of you using Short Term Disability, double check that it really only is 6-8wks for Maternity leave. I called the company that services my Short Term Disability and they said 6wks for Maternity leave AND an additional 6wks for Maternal Bonding at 60% pay. So it might be that it’s 6-8wks for maternity leave but you can file additional claim after that for 6 more wks for bonding.

  3. I just bought the 2022 version 6700s on Best buy for the same price as yours, and yours is the 2021 version

  4. I’m not really an expert on the difference between NVIDIA RTX 3060 and Ryzen 6700s. What are the differences? Is Ryzen 6700s better?

  5. apart from the gpu you get a 450nits screen, 16:10, bigger touchpad.

  6. Try good jobs in there if you have relevant experience

  7. No one has been forgiven under the one-time forgiveness. It was put on hold due to litigation.

  8. If it doesn’t happen before Dec 31st, I’m sending it back. I don’t want to pay interest.

  9. Yeah, I think a lot of us put the money in a HYSA and are going to repay if it doesn’t go through before the end of the year

  10. I paid off 20k in loans during covid and those loans came with a pell grant. After I did this, I got a masters and had to take another 20k in loans w/o a pell grant bc this was abroad. Is it worth it for me to do the refund?

  11. So, in your nelnet account, if your account begins with a letter E - those loans are eligible for forgiveness. Additionally, if they say they are held by “DEPT OF ED/NELNET” on your fedaid account then those loans are eligible for forgiveness. If you paid off your loans during the COVID pause and are certain you are eligible for forgiveness, that is the point of the refund. You get refunded and have the loans reinstated so that they can be forgiven. Conversely, folks are asking for refunds of payments made even if they didn’t pay it off because they know that part of their balance will be forgiven. When you request a refund of loans that were paid off, that will reinstate those loans so you will owe the money should the forgiveness fall through. Hope that helps!

  12. I put in a request via email to refund up to the $20k balance I qualify for forgiveness. I've heard nothing back, and can't seem to find the confirmation email. I'm going to call today. I just hope it's not too late since I filled out the form for forgiveness. I didnt hear about refunding as a possibility until after I filled out the Beta form that came out last week or the week before. Any thoughts on whether or not I have a chance at getting my funds back?

  13. I’m sure you’ll get the money back, it’ll just be awhile

  14. When I log into my FSA account is says Pell Grant

  15. Ah ok. I see other redditors have said what I’ll say which is, it doesn’t qualify for student loan forgiveness and you owe it because you withdrew. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Call the collection agency and see if you can set up a payment plan OR agree to pay in full a lesser amount.

  16. Really!? I have yet to see someone get it direct deposit. I hope mine goes back direct deposit too! Do you know when your nelnet balance updated?

  17. Sometime between 9/12 and 9/21. Balance updated on Nelnet first and then

  18. That makes sense! Mine was paid so long ago. I just got off the phone with nelnet. Thank god I’ve never had a wait time. she said the treasury accepted mine on 10/12 so I’m thinking I should get it by the end of the month

  19. Yeah when I called they said treasury accepted on 9/26 and it was in my account by the end of that same week. Fingers crossed for you!!!

  20. Nope. I make over 6 figures and didn’t finish due to cost - I was already in about $20k worth of debt for the first yr. Most of the people I work with have degrees and student debt and make less than I do. That being said, if it is a degree where you’re guaranteed over 6 figures, it could be worth it.

  21. Expect 6wks - minimum 4wks for anything to change on accounts. I have Nelnet and was refunded after 5wks.

  22. I was refunded via ACH directly to the account that I made the full payment from.

  23. For my sanity can yall clarify where you will first see changes leading up to Nelnet refund?

  24. I also saw the updated balance on Nelnet first and then a few days later on, no refund here yet

  25. Just contacted Nelnet again, my first call was on 8/25.

  26. I contacted after being told to as well and told me they couldn’t help me since it’s the dept of treasury who cuts the check

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