1. How?? And where? And why do I see posts like " taken with i phone ___ " is there some special feature or what? Idk am not an i phone user

  2. You can easily take such pictures with an Android too! (given your phone has the required features).

  3. I believe it depends on what company your phone is. I used a Samsung and got pretty good quality pictures. I'll post them in here in a while. Also- you can perhaps refer to the internet by specifically searching for 'how to click pictures of the night sky using XYZ phone'. You'll get your results quite easily.

  4. bruh you got Pantomime in S tier and maximum S+M in B 💀

  5. Am I the only one wanting a version that's only rocks

  6. same lol, Rocks is SO underrated. I actually feel satisfied when I listen to NLTS along with Rocks.

  7. This reminds me of when Dan said that “Waves” is about losing people during the QnA in Vienna before Act 2 came out, I thought Waves was going to be a sad song, but instead I got an enjoyable and somewhat danceable 70s feel good styled song

  8. Waves is sad, and honestly even the music is kinda depressing given you're listening to the lyrics

  9. If Taurus was visible in here, then I could've guessed, but it could be any star, not necessarily Mars.

  10. This was definitely not a satellite it was so bright it caught my eye when I was looking at the ground

  11. Satellites are really bright, even brighter than planets like Jupiter. It was probably just the ISS unless the light source you're talking about was really big. If it looked like a really bright star moving across the sky consistently, it was 90% the ISS.

  12. I wish I could go there too but Mumbai's a hundred miles away from here 😭

  13. Cos it’s weird, I was under the strong impression everyone hated it lol. Primarily from all the hate for it on the sub

  14. It's actually not that bad! When I had first heard it, it was a meh song for me and then I just got influenced by the hate and began disliking it too. But honestly, apart from the chipmunk 'thunder' the instrumnetal part is pretty okay and a hundred times better than what songs usually 'trend' nowadays. Like that shitty abcdefu song.

  15. Birds in d tier 💀 Placing that many s+m songs towards the bottom is honestly a crime

  16. Woah, this is so beautiful! In the second picture, do you know what galaxy is that? I was clicking pictures yesterday with my phone and wanted to capture a galaxy, but I couldn't find any. I was at a real dark place and I clicked many pics of Orion tho.

  17. Are you talking about the one in the centre left?

  18. Um.. that's basic common sense. We are constantly moving through space, yes, but we're revolving along a fuxed path around the Sun. We also happen to be a part of Orion's Arm, and according to a theory, our Solar System is also revolving around a black hole (Sagittarius A* iirc). So obviously, we have been seeing the same stars for thousands of years.

  19. I think Tied is extremely underrated. It's such a beautiful song!

  20. I like how the tune of the bridge of My Life sounds similar to Ferris Wheel's Chorus. It might be only me but I kind of think it's quite noticeable. Oh, and I like how Dan's voice is kinda strained in Dull Knives from the beginning, it really gives more effect to the song altogether.

  21. I’ve honestly never even heard of that app, I’ve always used sky tonight or starwalk. I’m going to give it a try though. Thanks

  22. Star Walk allows you to use your phone's camera to align with objects in the sky, but Stellarium doesn't have this feature. Although, I'd say it's one of the most accurate apps when you just want to discover the night sky. It showed me the exact location of the ISS once, at precise time. I recently discovered a new feature on it; it shows me different patterns of stars (apart from the 88 we know) acc. to different cultures/beliefs and it's really fun using it :D.

  23. To be honest i’ve never even used the camera feature on Star Walk and don’t intend to haha! Stellarium does sound awesome though and I look forward to using it the first clear night sky I get

  24. Haha, that makes sense. Searching “Questing mark stars” did not net me what I wanted (Leo constellation)

  25. The very first time I'd seen it, it reminded me of Ursa Major 😂

  26. The Pleiades star cluster! Beautiful picture, by the way.

  27. It may be because you're looking up in the sky at the wrong time. Just a possibility, though. The best reason for this is light pollution, and there must be sources of light around you which you possible don't know of.

  28. That's not a ring! Well it might appear so, because of the position of the Moon only for the time you clicked that photo. As another user said it here, these are stars of Winter (or summer if you're in the southern Hemisphere, which is unlikely since Orion is not currently visible therethere) Constellations. They all come in the top 20 brightest stars in the sky.

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