Being a female on apex

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  1. Lol dont even know what wiping at Argos is.

  2. Is it better to buy additional honing mats to increase the chance or to spend this saved money on more shards?

  3. Well if you are out of shards and are that desperate to keep honing right now I would say shards.

  4. I gambled on a level 10 gem and got cdr. I thought my summoner can benefit the most.

  5. The best would probably be the dog(whatever his name is) all the other ones with lvl 7s will line up closer to the attack buffs which you should be using together anyway. For me at least running 50/50 crit swift, the dog is always the one that gets out of line with everything else.

  6. The game is actually quite mechanically difficult and taxing of you as me. I hope people have more sympathy for it. It may seem easy to the end gamers but it is a hard game.

  7. It's just a big memorization game. Other than a few mechanics, like the typing tests, everything is done the same way every raid just maybe in slightly different orders.

  8. Yes, this game loves recycling old mechanics players already experienced. For example, rohandel abyssal 1, phantom knight fight, 4 people grab swords in correct order and start staggering the boss, that is literally what you do in Valtan G1, except Roh abyssal one is tiny bit harder because you need to wait for visual sign when to pick up your sword while in Valtan you can immediately pick up a ball once the person before you did it.

  9. That's true, but not exactly what I meant.

  10. Back attack is 10% crit rate

  11. When was it changed? It used to be damage and crit rate.

  12. There's a big x on him, he's about to get hit lol

  13. Generally you always want 7/7 9/5 at least even if you have 2x +12 from books since it makes the build way cheaper usually, the more the better obv, its better to just get a good stone then build a character (or asume a 7/7 while building)

  14. If you have two legendary books. You only need a 7/6 stone to get 3x5 and can still use a legendary ring as your class engraving.

  15. I mean sure you can even get 5x3 with a 7/4 stone if you have 3 5 on everything and 2x 12 from books there is just not much point doing so unless its a specific off meta build, going for a 7 7 with double 12 books lets you have a +5 and no secondary on a necklace for example so you can just go for a 95+ qual neck for under 5k gold easily or have 2x 5 3 class rings with a 5 0 neck/earring to make the build way cheaper in some cases or if some pieces dont exist on the market

  16. certainly there are multiple ways to 5x3, but in imo continuing to try for a 7/7 stone is a waste of pheons/gold if you are going to have two legendary books anyway.

  17. The people who grab the orbs for the 120 mech and then proceed to run in circles, like headless chickens, around the other symbols, so you can't tell how many of each there are, are infinitely more annoying.

  18. I'd say you like bard, but you probably don't lol

  19. Your mental health was beyond repair 17 characters ago.

  20. Lol if anything his is better than lots of people here. He doesn't have to sit in Party Finder very long.

  21. It's been so long since I've done it, but I believe you have to do all the main story quests on your first character. Or maybe not. But you definitely have to do them once if you want to knowledge transfer another character later.

  22. Why? Just to re-download it later? Pshh, mf you're not going anywhere. Quit lying.

  23. They literally cant do shit ingame besides sitting in empty punika afking, not even unas are available it shows 0/3 red letters as if you've done all content.

  24. It was mostly a joke.... Obviously they can't do anything.

  25. I guess I should have mentioned my character was ilvl ~1000 before I returned to the game. Looks like I've done most of those island quests before. Am I stuck just completing dailies and Chaos Dungeons to get to tier 3?

  26. The game is free. Play it if you enjoy it. If you continue to enjoy it, then keep playing.

  27. Been happening to me since a couple months after launch. You can try verifying the game files. Sometimes that fixes it for me, for a little while at least.

  28. You know, I'm 24, and I don't get much of it either, but at the end of the day, someone saying they have a womb but not identfying as female doesn't affect me in any way, so why should I care.

  29. If it doesn't affect you, sure don't worry about it. The problem is they are trying to teach the stuff to children, who don't even know how to write a proper sentence.

  30. Boss rush doesn't even give level 1 gems, these are just from the chaos dungeon bots.

  31. They bout to get their own Mokoko emotes while we're still struggling to port the ones from KR here.

  32. File sizes are too big to send past Taiwan

  33. There's no option for: I was the one who got kicked.

  34. Lol i hope they don't have a translator, cause if they did he needs to be fired. Lol

  35. The game is free. If you find it fun, then play it.

  36. One has to drop for you first? Or try a different town.

  37. Because those are young stupid boys. It's that simple.

  38. Really it's a design flaw. With so many people wanting to do the same 3 raids every week on six different characters, there is not really enough time to try and help new players.

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