1. Crisis Evasion is actually being used in some prog or hell mode. Emergency Rescue? Never heard of it being used anywhere.

  2. 1.2. - pretty straight forward if you read the description. It only applies to holy dmg, and if your skill isn't default holy type, you don't get it. It doesn't require you to be a support.

  3. Once ppl get full set on their main ppl typically in KR just do the G1-G2 since it gives the most rewards for the least effort.

  4. Even when they only do 1-2, they won't let on ilevel people into the lobby.

  5. 1-2 is pretty carryable and doesn't require ppl to live. Only need ppl alive to do the rooms in gate 1 and i think long as you have a few guys on the outside and 1 guy on the inside, gate 2 is fine.

  6. Floor POV zerkers will remain floor POV. Good zerkers will become slightly better, but overall I don't think it isn't that much change.

  7. Smilegate devs do some stuff that would be laughable coding in college just because they never encounter the issue in KR so they never put any future thought into the code.

  8. My theory is: people are now waiting for golden frog to buy golden book, causing drop of consumption, leading to price drop.

  9. But that is whale territory. It is much better to park around 1580 or 1600 if you want week 1 Akkan hard, then transfer for better rate.

  10. That's actually one of two things, people being classist and people who take the reaper floor pov meme too seriously

  11. or he applied to 7/8 room with 1 reserved spot and can't hold his anger after getting denied once.

  12. Whenever I see people here talks about "support insta accept" thing, I wondered if they ever created a lobby. Because there are so many shitty supports who crosses the line. Rainbow stats. Less than 3x4 while not having necessary engraving (Most likely - Awakening 2). And low level gems or even gemless - especially when they are running spec.

  13. Thank you! It was a random stone I got as a drop- so while I’m happy it makes ancient gearing a LOT easier and cheaper, it’s definitely kinda sad to not be able to +2

  14. Yep, can tell that you haven't been actively faceting for 97 from the number of stones there. Congratz. You still saved a lot of gold, especially when you are rushing ancient accessory.

  15. control glaivier with CJ and focus rune still OOM in trixion

  16. In the actual raid, there's gonna be support who gives you mana recovery.

  17. It still goes OOM very often in raids, or maybe I'm just "unlucky" with my supports?

  18. That can be one solution. If you don't want dmg loss from that, you can try mana related tripod(if there's one and doesn't reduce too much dmg), focus rune, and MP recovoery food (Skewers or Herb Steak).

  19. -KR users flamed about MOBA mod because they wanted SG to focus more on PVE contents update instead of "wasting time on MOBA that no one is going to play or play only for rewards bound to it."

  20. What they truly say is that the update is too slow. Yes, as you just said, it was showed 2021 and was supposed to be out last year. They were pretty much hyped as well when they first saw it at 2021, but after getting only 2 raids in 2022, they aren't really happy about it.

  21. Do you know if we will still be able to obtain the materials from running these extra raids beyond the gold cap, or did they not mention that during the broadcast?

  22. I think it wasn't mentioned at all. I may have misses something here and there. Oh but since they said "you can run for card" as well, seems like they will still give non-gold drops.

  23. They pre-adjusted the gold reward. Now it's simply not worth the time unless you have disposable time. Valtan hard gives 1800g, Vykas hard gives 2400g now in KR.

  24. G4 has to be one of the most "fair" gates in the game. Every class can parse really well there.

  25. Well, you haven't been to over-geared party, or haven't played with good burst class players. It will be mech->burst->mech->burst so there is gonna be no room for sustained DPS to do their damage. Since the cube takes reduced damage, but still is attackable, Surge can stack their surge and Igniter can fill their identity. It is one of the gate that you cannot beat burst class if they know how to do dmg.

  26. To what raid is exactly what you said not applicable?

  27. I am saying this boss is even more beneficial for burst class because the lines between mech aren't that big and during all its mech it just takes reduced dmg, but not unattackable - giving them time to prepare their burst.

  28. At least, I don't give a fk to the lobby that I'm not interested. Too bad that we cannot put someone's ign on this reddit.

  29. Not everyone has the time to make a static or find one its hard out there

  30. The point of having static is to get raid done quickly and save times. Some static has fixed time, but some just run whenever everyone is okay.

  31. I play 6 bards, my tripods are so cheap that it is not worth to use 20 listing limit to sell it.

  32. One more thing I wanna add is that we cannot inspect tripod anymore. KR has armory that allows it but we don't. This contribute to the gatekeeping of new class assuming they don't have proper tripods until good enough time is passed.

  33. Can I just say how much of a chuckle I get when an at ilvl dude starts a "no bid" party? Not even a bus....who actually joins these?

  34. That is usually a guy who afked after getting carried or probably a guy waiting for his friend. There are some actual clowns tho.

  35. Its more common hw and exp. Reclear can mean anything from 1 clear to 100, so its silly when people that are clearly exp they title their runs as reclear alts.

  36. In NAW, it is somewhat rare to see "exp" or "hw" that is actually in the title, at least when I am looking for the party. Seems like people by default are putting reclear and some of them put "exp only" along with it. What is worse is that it seems like people who join there don't know anything. Probably it's different in NAE.

  37. Probably slightly extra chance of getting more expensive drop on loot auction since Vykas is class engraving, and Clown is 1/4. Other than that, all you need to consider is its difficulty. You may also wanna consider the Legion commander card set that we are gonna use in the future. It is likely that most of us got much less clown cards compare to Vykas and Valtan.

  38. True that, i run keen blunt on arcanist instead of meta cursed doll and many people flamed that. I prefer 2% dps loss but no downside instead of 2% more dps but -25% healing.

  39. Isn't it 2% when you are not considering your tripod and card effects?

  40. Actually i cannot tell if my dps is losing due to kbw. My build is 5x3+1 (1 empress with adre 3), all tripod lv5.

  41. I see. Arcanist got so many build and skill trees that it is hard to tell which is better when you consider not only crit RNG but also KBW and card RNG. Since you have 9/7 (unless you are playing at RU or KR), I hope you didn't carve KBW 9/7 because it would be such a waste for expensive resource. After all, we are gonna reach the point that we have to min-max and then you will definitely care about 2%.

  42. They do get banned but they don't care at all because the ban is just temporaly, they can buy 50 million of gold, have everything maxed out, get 3-6 months of ban time then come back like nothing happened.

  43. So your guildie RMT’d and spent money on RC?

  44. Yes he did. I don't exactly know how much he spent on each, because he wasn't that open to me then. And I am not gonna lie that there are so many people who admitted that they RMT'd and are still doing fine. The number of those people are much more than tiny portion of people who got banned at least temporarily.

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