1. In Texas, we call that a “pissy loaf”!😉

  2. Hey in that case it’s leash or meds and it’s her call… tell the cousins to take care of him for 48 hours…. They most definitely will change their minds…

  3. Mine is a black plastic bin from a restaurant like the ones they clear tables with…

  4. Originally labs were in the 60lbs range. Specialty breeding have caused them to be larger and even more prone to hip dysplasia.

  5. Yes! My calico who was very feral and so pretty and shy… named her Belle aka Mona Lisa because her smile is like the painting.

  6. Gorgeous! Texas Wonders! Awesome some

  7. Beautiful 🤩 love South Padre!

  8. Look how chill the lab is…. Too cute together!!!

  9. That Lab is sitting next to a table with food on it.

  10. Thank you for that and yeah I knew it was anxiety. I’m driving and didn’t get a chance to explain in the comments. Does anybody know of anything that I can give him? I hate the thought of having to sedate him when I drive, but I’ve been in the car for three days 1100 Miles, and I am getting really worried about him. My corgi has no problem at all. She just lays in the backseat, all spreadeagled on her bed and naps!

  11. Might try a thunder shirt and I use passionflower on my dog who has the same problem with car rides.

  12. My vet recommended Yumove Advance 360 for dogs. So far my senior girl and my granddog who has knee issue are doing well on it. Better than Cosequin…

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