1. I’ll take them serious when they have anything relevant to say.

  2. Gensler’s covering his ass. No way he’s that dumb. He’s only playing because he knows all the heat he’s going to get for not protecting his friends.

  3. Lol they weren’t going to give him vegan food in the Bahamas.

  4. They haven’t done it yet because why now?

  5. The liabilities may not be on their books, but it is on someone’s.

  6. I love how they just keep attacking it for no discernable reason.

  7. Well, not ‘all the data’. The sum of the data yes, or even the ‘whole’ data. But they pick the mouldy apple from the basket and mostly forget about all the good point/apples.

  8. Free cash flow is so massive it leads me to wonder if journalists even know what that means.

  9. And journalists wonder why no one listens to them anymore.

  10. Here's hoping. One of these has to be right one day.

  11. It is a real concern though. It matters not, this sub will have it covered soon.

  12. Well if it comes to a third strike, I’ll trust the chair and move exclusively to Twitter.

  13. I'll always find it amusing that other people tend to have the strongest opinions with extremely limited data rather than actually looking at the data and thinking for yourself.

  14. My understanding is a video game retailer is not able to meaningfully catch and distribute moass wealth. For moass as an event to occur in a way that isn't completely cataclysmic for all our social systems (and lets be real a bunch of reddit degenerates inheriting the global gdp would be a dumpster fire) there is a requirement for a financial institution that can be accessed by the world (if only a few people in a community have all the money; money is no longer able to function as a method of transaction and trade inside of that community; money becomes worthless; the few people in the community with all the money have no wealth)

  15. LMAO what if this whole sub just had a FUDday and got paid to DRS more shares at Kenny's expense.

  16. I really wonder how much they’re going to sell just to keep the price down. This is quite the conundrum they’ve got themselves into.

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