Farnese and Serpico colouring in my anime style

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  1. Do something you've never done Atleast that could give us release of a new set of neurotransmitters

  2. Stoner by John Williams. It's beautifully depressing

  3. How to disappear completely - Radiohead

  4. I thnk it starts when u start asking questions within urself n the thngs ppl talk n discuss tire u I gradually questioned a lot of thngs n after a lot of introspective ponderings i realised it didnt matter I also felt that i knew it in me somewhere always that i would end up belivin nothin I spiralled deep down into that came out of my nihilistic depression( i became so apathetic n self centered) n then i started to learn i shared stuff Its been neutral since that

  5. You can keep questioning that way you ll learn more You can introspect on all these n journel u ll find as u said both comfort a feeling of ecstasy at the same intensity despair hits the pointlessness of it all

  6. I get it very much been like that for a year and music was the only thing that made me feel things n i was all time with music n art The same thing happened I found this sea of apathy inside me whatever happened

  7. Interesting to see how nihilism leads people to similar coping or healing methods. Glad you have made it through to the other side too. I am grateful for having my experience with existential depression and nihilism. I have gained a lot of resilience and by my impression you may feel similar now.

  8. Keep on keeping on I like that Same to you If you got any other coping mechanisms do tell

  9. Its pretty much bland Theres nothin to do here if u realise the actual delusions of the masses Hence we create stuff just like those monsters

  10. But doesn’t that mean there’s a scheme then?

  11. coping mechanisms Mind numbing music drugs whisky books masturbation more books astrophysics art memes> dont let anyone in dont share stuff to ppl u get disappointed anyway n u ll miss them u ll be ok fr a few more yrs waitin fr death

  12. I've read Killing Stalking where I enjoyed the horror and mind games inside a slice of life story. Koogi did a very good job in some silent panels. I remember seeing three panels in a row without dialogue. It highlighted how unspeakable the story's events were.

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