1. Yeah, it was a real shame when 5 came out and car damage felt kinda nerfed. Gta 5 is a great game in many regards it just feels kinda lazy compared to 4 in some areas.

  2. On PS3 it was better but next gen when first person became a thing, they had to nerf it so you can see in the car

  3. I can’t post on my main account anymore. ByteMagician was me :(

  4. Sounds a lot like the catholic bible. Orthodox here, our bibles are interpreted a bit differently and are more open minded on certain topics.

  5. Exactly my thought. I only have a laptop my university gave me like 2 years ago.

  6. You really don’t need a hood GPU to run it. I’ve run it on a core i3, 8gb ram laptop

  7. Pretty weird. Cuz the loot boxes are able to be obtained without spending a single penny

  8. I understand a doctor is a complicated job, but what about the construction workers who do some of the most straining work carrying 90lb minimum bags of concrete who earns pennies? If anything, jobs should be paid based on labor intensity and difficulty and the pay between the two should be similar.

  9. Very different jobs, different tolls on people. And I’m exaggerating on “similar pay.” Should have rephrased that with livable pay, with a lot of benefits

  10. The game will defeat be free roam, but I’m still deciding on jobs, tasks, etc

  11. Maybe for criminals, you can steal cars in garages, and bring them to a mechanic shop run by criminals who can change license plates and let you save the car, or scrap it for parts

  12. Its a scam. Pure and simple. Look at that email address...

  13. Sad to see america rubbing off on other countries. It's not like it's going well here 😂

  14. They’re trying to scrap public stuff like healthcare, so yeah, Americanization needs to be halted

  15. Not even funny. Don’t give it. They will likely blacklist your ID. Just make a new account and move on

  16. Kinda dumb. You can OD on weed, but it won’t kill you. Why is it even illegal lmfao

  17. Was going to say either or because Caslov is a town in Czechia, and Casov was also the name of a Serbian prince

  18. We got school shootings in the US, let’s start job shootings where the bosses get killed

  19. I got mine too! Now just have to hand in my notice which won’t go down well

  20. Or just call the flight attendant, explain the situation, and ask them to explain to him that he needs to turn the volume down, use complementary headphones that planes often have, or explain himself to the airport police when the plane lands

  21. Not exactly complementary. We get charged 6 dollars for shit earbuds flying most companies.

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