1. My favorite part of the files is Caitlyn keeping a picture of Vi smiling on her desk.

  2. The only bad thing about Garrosh's end was how they cheaped out on the cutscene.

  3. I'm sorry but ranking Gears 1 as higher than 5 is some rose-tinted goggles crap.

  4. This is a requirement in ViMains, didn't ya know.

  5. If I had a nickel for every father figure and adopted lesbian daughter duo, I’d have two nickels, which isn’t a lot and I really need more.

  6. Yeah, this art is based off a similar one for that game.

  7. Lazy text messages and being able to sleep with them.

  8. I got into an argument once with a girl who said the author of a book was a transphobe because a character in his super shitty novel was a murderer who was also trans. Apparently using LGBTQ characters in anything but positive ways is anti-LGBTQ.

  9. Assuming it’s about JK Rowling’s book. That feels like a fair accusation to make considering, well, she is a massive transphobe.

  10. You can say the same thing about Kait. They wrote her to be the most important character. They wrote her to be the most skilled character. They wrote the new series to revolve around her and she seems to know only she matters.

  11. When is there ever a point that the story portrays Kait as “the most skilled” at anything?????

  12. Lmao. I don't get how people somehow took the campaign as "omg kait is just perfect at everything".

  13. At some point between the metaphorical nut-kicks Kait gave to these people to make them hate her, apparently.

  14. personally, i don't give two shits what riot does with these fictional characters - it's just a fucking game. good for spirit blossom sett on finding a fulfilling relationship with whomever he pleases.

  15. Your point on making Vi straight isn’t really an equivalent comparison.

  16. Not to deny the double-standard, because people are definitely more accepting of w|w relationships than m|m. But the same people ripping on Sett being an LGBT character, at least the ones on twt or reddit, are likely the same ones that rip on Vi and Caitlyn being LGBT characters.

  17. This is really interesting—thought it does make Caitvi seem even more uncharacteristic. How could vi go from striking fear into all the guards’ hearts, to stroking one’s cheek in a single day?

  18. One saves her life multiple times, shows genuine care for her, and is a hot woman, the other beats her regularly.

  19. Still—I’m surprised Vi didn’t think Cait could be using her. Cait literally set her free, saying she wanted to arrest Powder. They were kinda using each other—though for good causes…

  20. At least when they did it with the Lich King in the Chronicles it made sense because of the Lich King's awareness of the already-established omega threats that were the Old Gods and the Burning Legion.

  21. I think even if it “made sense” with the Jailer it would still be laughably stupid simply because of how high up the tower we’ve gotten.

  22. I wish there was more Jayce x Mel fan art. I shipped them so hard the second I could see the pieces fit together. I thought I was about to be watching something different in Arcane when Mel went to hype up Jayce before they became “officially together” when she fixed his tie.

  23. There's more Mel/Sevika art than there is Mel/Jayce art. Which is kinda hilarious to be honest.

  24. Caitlyn x VI is a thing, only because Jinx acts jealous and possesive. Romantic themes are really subtle there, contrary to popular opinion. You can a lot of "signs of affection" explain away with their specific personality traits.

  25. Then why was it becoming a thing before Jinx started getting involved in it?

  26. Caitlyn saved Vi from a living in hell in prison, saved her from Sevika, saved her again by getting her medicine for her stab wound, and tried to protect Vi from the firelight by offering herself up in place of her.

  27. And Vi remembers Marcus helping her. Remember how she pushed away Cait's cloth going to her face?

  28. When Amara uses her AS near Moze, Moze says “nice arms”, and then gets flustered.

  29. She’s got a line in the Ava DLC. It doesn’t directly point to Amara, but it does reveal that Moze is subbed to a siren themed porn mag. When interacting with a pile of porn mags she goes “Reminds me, I need this month’s Siren’s Call.”

  30. Moze, to Amara: “I love your arms~” “I-I mean nice…war we’re having, huh?”

  31. 🐌 *crawls inside* Do skits on the subreddit count or not entirely o.o

  32. I'm not an expert on how schools operate outside of my state but I want to believe your situation is an outlier and is not the norm. For that situation it sounds like the district/county has issues as a whole and it's not just a matter of funding/manpower.

  33. What does "career" have to do with anything? Are these not the persecutors involved with the case?

  34. Thinks women are property and exist only to make babies and be controlled. Makes a living selling this belief to other men and young adults/teenagers.

  35. Hasn't the investigation for human trafficking actually happened in Romania?

  36. From what I understand the investigations started while he was still in the UK and followed him to Romania.

  37. Just because someone wants to write fanFICTION not the way you would like to it doesnt mean there is some malice or hate towards lesbians or gays behind it.

  38. You decided to share with everyone that you're writing a lesbian/male story that's specified as a "she finds the right man" type of narrative.

  39. you forgot a fucking kiss/sex between vi and Caitlyn

  40. Is she running a fever? Why is her face so incredibly blushed?

  41. I had no idea that me typing “No” on a meme subreddit had the power to stop people from shipping.

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