Citadel Wants You To Do Nothing

Listen, get educated, and get involved.

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  1. Now available at Credit Suisse: CoCo pops. No, that ain’t chocolate in the milk!

  2. Where did I propose that the Activist Investor Group (AI Group - LOL!) try getting information from the DTC? Or get involved with regulatory activities? Fully agree that is a waste of time and would NOT be the AIG role. How can you not see just the clear message an AIG sends to the world: that we stand by our Company and actively engage. AFAIK, it has never been done before at this scale. At least not by retail. Can you imagine if this idea catches on?

  3. There’s a tall building in downtown Austin that has a massive server farm sitting on like 4 floors worth of real estate. Many of the big bruisers in banking also now have offices right around that building. But I digress…. Oh look, a silver short squeeze! Weed stocks! And is that a SPAC?!

  4. Yup. Citadel have an office in Austin. There have been sporadic visits by Mayo Force jets to Austin in the past. Not recently though. Citadel sponsors the apparently well regarded Dept of Computer Sciences there.

  5. There was an OG post, leading down a rabbit hole regarding those data centers. Can’t find it anymore but might be worth including a link to for others to read up on….

  6. I instinctively dislike the present fiat and banking system because it also is full of fraud and ‘dirty tricks’. Or I should say I distrust the OVERSIGHT and REGULATION of the present system.

  7. Are there similarities between ’QE’ and Tether minting in crypto? Then ‘QT’ when Tethers in circulation allegedly went down? Was just thinking in terms of applying economic metrics and theories to crypto.

  8. At the risk of being the party pooper, have had a look at the info posted on Twitter by Fuzzy Panda and not convinced it shows what is being deduced.

  9. Yes I know! Sometimes we just turn to likewise minded when life gets though and keep on holding. We all have our battles.

  10. The comment above was uncalled for. Sorry about that.

  11. You think Jamie Dimon is holding calls on his own bank? Hahaha!

  12. Phew! Back in the Daily. Went to have a look at New - it’s nasty out there…

  13. Mods told you the primary reason for removal: you did not respond to the auto generated message asking for the source. You did put it in the comments, but it should be in the reply to the auto message.

  14. Not the topic of this post in particular, but I believe the correct term is cleptocracy, not oligarchy

  15. I am old enough to know the difference between a stiffy and a floppy

  16. Mayo Force One went from Washington to Philadelphia International for 5 hours today. Now en route to Florida.

  17. Glass jars go in the dishwasher before the recycle bin.

  18. He doesn’t. None of them do. There are encrypted devices if u worried about being overheard. I don’t buy this meeting on planes stuff. It doesn’t seem likely except on rare occasions. Too small, cramped uncomfortable. They fly because they can. It really is all about vanity. Like dogs sniffing each other’s arses.

  19. Mayo Force One was at Dulles the night before SVB started blowing up. Flies to London, arriving early Monday morning. Whilst MF1 is in the air over the Atlantic, British Govt. announces sale of SVB UK arm to HSBC for £1.

  20. N68KJ now heading home to Chicago. Was at Madrid for less than 10 hours.

  21. Yawn! N68KJ heading home to Chicago from Madrid Spain. Was there for less than 10 hours…

  22. When the fuck did BTC become a stock that barcodes?

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