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  1. Why would chess players care about any of that?

  2. For the same reason chess players want nothing to do with Hans Niemann.

  3. You feel like actually cheating in the sport is the same as board-internal political dramas?

  4. It certainly does affect things. Ratings lag behind actual player ability, and there is a limit to how much one game can gain you. Playing more games in the same amount of time allows a greater elo movement to reflect the true ability.

  5. If you're not improving between games, playing more games shouldn't reflect improvement.

  6. If you had a large amount of improvement but a ton of OTB tournaments were cancelled say by a worldwide pandemic your rating would be well below your actual improvement.

  7. It's great that you're now arguing the exact opposite point you were before. I didn't think I was that convincing, but I'm glad you agree with me.

  8. I hold political views that are fairly far to the left in the American political mainstream. I am generally sympathetic to the core message of the “anti-work” movement. But I can’t fucking stand leftists who seem to be completely uninterested in convincing others of their ideas. No political movement was ever built with the slogan, “If you don’t already agree with us, you’re a fucking moron and we don’t want to know you.”

  9. You mean calling everyone "bootlickers" isn't going to change people's minds?

  10. Another comment claimed to be a copy paste of a message from the cameraman. It says it was to collect evidence against the perp to get them away from the children. But I don't know. Fucking horrific.

  11. I kick in the balls could have gotten the perpetrator away from the kids faster.

  12. Because instead of his words, people would be looking into his body language, his posture, his facial expressions, if he touches his hair, if he touches his nose, if he coughs, if he smiles, if he farts (Magnus fart sniffers especially love this), if he shits his pants on stage, and so on and so forth, like those "Hans behavior analysis" videos that do just this.

  13. "Shitting his pants on stage" is a perfect description of him trying to recount his decision making process and running into blunders that get pointed out in seconds, and then needing the evaluation bar to check if his wild guesses are accurate.

  14. So plenty of people watched a fact and not an opinion? Interesting

  15. Lance Armstrong kept racing for quite some time between the accusations and getting banned from cycling.

  16. People who excuse cheaters and/or cheer them on will grasp at any straw they can to minimize the impact of a prolific cheater having negative impact on chess.

  17. Public outcry! Go to the press. Call all the media you can. Scream for your rights and we will scream with you. What about a go fund me for a plane ticket to another country? Please let people help you get what you need. I’m sorry. You shouldn’t have to fight. You must be exhausted.

  18. No one has a right to be accepted into a medical trial. The people performing these trials need to eliminate as many variables as possible that might skew the results.

  19. Pretty sure all those "deadly Australian creatures" you see online were just made up by our tourism board to discourage undesirables. The real thing you gotta be scared of is dropbears

  20. Since when did Australia stop calling them "aborigines" and start calling them "undesireables"?

  21. 8 OTB games were flagged. I wonder how many carlsen or giri games would be flagged. They don't need to vr cheating to be flagged.

  22. Does giri or magnus have a history of cheating for years and then lying about it?

  23. I wonder how many other players would have faired through the same analysis.

  24. Why didn't ban him sooner, then? And, why make a big spectacle of it?

  25. You probably should read the report that was released yesterday. It'll catch you up on everything you aren't informed about and answer your questions.

  26. There’s nothing insane or conspiracy here, these are just facts in the case.

  27. Well the deal was proposed 30 days ago and you're dumb if you don't think or even slightly suspect getting outside the mainstream bubble and realize $82 million is a corruptible enough sum LOL.

  28. I was just testing to see if you're one of those trolls who desperately needs to get the last word in... even when they're replying to nothing but a single punctuation mark.

  29. How is Jesse allowed at the funeral if OP has a restraining order against her?

  30. Check their profile histories. Half the time, they’re crypto bros or superstonk users. It suddenly makes more sense why they’re so attracted to frauds

  31. One would expect Alireza Firouzja to play a large number of tournaments since he's 19 and playing more classical games is important for growth. He missed Tata Steel this year and this as well if I am not wrong, why isn't he playing more?

  32. Alireza's growth doesn't seem to be an issue. It looks like he's growing just fine.

  33. I'm sorry, you're claiming that the guy who went 3.5/13 at the Sinquefeld Cup is the best player in the world?

  34. That's not a standard anybody with any chess knowledge uses to anoint the best chess player in the world.

  35. You're right, let's take it further actually. Let's send him death threats. If anyone disagrees with us then we'll just tell them to stop gatekeeping negative reactions to a cheater getting caught cheating

  36. Why should I believe a liar when they claim to have received death threats?

  37. Stop gatekeeping negative reactions to a cheater getting caught cheating.

  38. Hans not cheating in two years and Hans not getting caught cheating in two years are very different things, and it's important to not conflate the two.

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