1. Will they still accept a return if they no longer sell it? Let me know if they do I’m looking to return my hoodie if it’s too small.

  2. Well I havent done the return, they did provide me with a return label very easily after providing customer service with my order #.

  3. Neither of the black hoodies I received had size tags, one didn’t even have a bag, and both were way smaller than I expected. Returned both. Idk wtf is going on with the black hoodies man.

  4. Kinda sucks, I had hoped it being gap it was gonna be smooth. My two other hoodies have size tags at least for me

  5. Never understood this, Cam had pretty much a free ticket to freely doing Youtube and he chose being a tech at a dealership..

  6. Bet you hes switching up because he only has 5 and daddy ians bank is no more so he doesn’t have money to buy 7 cars..

  7. that excavator is expensive asf too. it looks brand new, those go for like half a million

  8. He has a video of him buying it off the lot and following the semi truck home.

  9. Oh lord painting all the cars the same colour. I feel like I’ve seen this before and it didn’t last long 🤔

  10. Oh oh if it’s a total of 1% buy down then that makes sense. The document shows 4% but maybe that’s a misprint

  11. I took that as 4 points, 1% total. Can anyone clarify that 1 point is 0.25% ???

  12. it isn't. It can be used as a "rule of thumb" but reality isn't so clearcut.

  13. Really… so it all just depends on the lender how they feel??? Thats crazy to be honest. Interest rates are kind of just a big hokus pokus.

  14. Disnt this go to like $141k last time and still not meet the reserve?

  15. Different car, that one had 17k miles , this one has 5k

  16. Seller is listed as the cultivated collector

  17. Some dealer, check out their active listings, its quite crazy, a 2k mile Carrera GT all the way to a 3k mile Nissan Pulsar GTI-R NISMO…

  18. My first AR was a PSA, 556, which has ran flawlessly. Funny enough, I built two aeros after and the psa has been the most reliable compared to the other two.

  19. You should see the Tesla/Panasonic factory in Reno. People would store and sell drugs out of their lockers, piss in trash cans on the factory floor. About half the 18-21 year old population of small town Nevada has had their paws on your Tesla by the end of it.

  20. I remember buying these off amazon, I got the japan spec for some reason because they were better but I don’t remember why lol

  21. Easy bet on Anton, Tommy knows he would get his ass handed to him.

  22. He literally said he left some stuff and has to come back on Tuesday.

  23. Everything thats in toms shop he took, Tuesday is for the shipping container , i e the only thing he could lock.

  24. Interesting to me is he moved out FAST and EVERYTHING it seems, not just a few stuff and a couple trips here and there.. he did it all in one trip. Good on rudnik.

  25. I was glad to see this, the admin is also a mod on the official fb page. Not sure where he stands in this whole situation, I’m sure he has been censoring the page big time.

  26. I think the locking down was Tommys doing because this group never got locked down and justin is a mod for both groups

  27. Interesting to note, Justin Barker, whos also a mod of Tommys facebook group, Tommyfyeah (which is still on lock down) made the name change, along with cover photo and description to only chris

  28. I knew this was coming, it really pisses me off how Jack commented on another post here saying they were on good terms, you really think we would've bought into that bullshit?

  29. Adam has professional contact’s with big brands and a legit business to run I don’t why you guys except him to hop in drama like a Highschool girl to shit on people

  30. I dont think you see that hes saying he still considers him a close friend, he didnt say “considered”

  31. This is a bad look for LZ, if he was going to keep him as a “close friend” for parts or what not, he should have just never said anything. Tommy is a vile person and LZ still considers him a close friend? …..sounds like LZ might know the game, exactly how Jack is..

  32. The Facebook page I herd is locked down now. No-one can post or invite people.

  33. Its still locked down. Last post was the txt messages tom posted of his and ians txts

  34. Wait what lol ….. what does Chris have to do with Tommy pulling the scam on huracan Ian…. Maybe I’m missing a lot lol

  35. Watch Ians last video, he released recorded phone calls with Tommy

  36. $4k-$6k/month net is pretty unlikely if he didn’t have a cdl.

  37. Non cdl is 5-10k/week gross. I know someone netting 5k a week after expenses and hes non cdl

  38. No hair no nothing. Probably just m0t having a meltdown lol

  39. Yea this seems odd, that first dent is pretty big and should have blood or some hair… odd there’s nothing, not even scrape marks from feet.

  40. Not only that,but the way the damage is done all along the side including the rear quarter and the dings in the front fender.. doesnt look like animal ro me.

  41. Does seem kind of far back, I could see if the deer rolled over slightly the hood and his A pillar but then the mirror and a pillar should be fucked up but who knows, if tom truly did beat ruddy to the point of moving to florida I could see him unleashing on what ruddy always kept nice

  42. He owns a merch brand and drift hq. His merch brand does fulfillment too I believe

  43. 2015!!!! That is crazy it wasn’t that long ago, dude was so lucky meeting ruddy and its being all ripped from his hands because hes a VILE human being. All he had to do was be a good person and appreciate the heck out of ruddy and his shop would have been massive.

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