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  1. Imagine having one in the first place, what a fucking loser

  2. Well if he did that after the fact it would be a pentagram, so yeah not far off

  3. Ah, yes. Magic’s is the most dangerous beach in Hawaii due to its shore break. The waves never reach higher than 3 feet yet it causes the most visits to the ER due to the amount of tourists that get scorpioned into the sand

  4. I vacationed in Hawaii at a hotel that is right next to Magic Sands, the worst part about wasn’t getting absolutely pummeled into the ground and flung back to shore, that part was actually super fun. The worst part was the metric ton of sand that got ALL the way inside my swim shorts. Shit was like the nets they have on fishing boats. I was finding sand down there for the entire rest of the trip

  5. Not sure why none of these types of videos got to me, but this one was just the straw that broke the camels back I suppose. Flood gates broke, dams have been opened

  6. As the advice friend, I think we lonely people have a unique outside perspective on other people and the world, unclouded by the stupid shit of other people, letting us give advice that will always come from a rational, logical place.

  7. The fact you can hear the girl audibly laugh before the guy asks to see if he’s okay

  8. Never really been a fan of oranges or OJ. I did use to love me some apple juice when I was younger tho. Yeah, apple juice.

  9. The gigachad or the other one where I’m telling people to downvote? Because if it’s the latter that one is a girl (not gigachad)

  10. Believe me you don’t know that thing on that post where I want people to downvote it.

  11. Ok I’m reading the comments and they all seem to to be from people who read the manga, so, I think I speak for all for timers when I say:

  12. If I’m being completely honest, you probably don’t, but that doesn’t mean you won’t someday, don’t kill yourself, if for nothing else than to give both life and death two massive middle fingers. There’s no sense in suicide, there’s always something to live for. Get a pet or something, start volunteering for something, just call up a family member sometime. Also, it would probably hurt, and pain is dumb

  13. Does it though? Does it get better? Is it worth it? Or will things just slowly decline as they have been. We are not in the good ending timeline. We are not going to be okay. What if both “place” and “place, Japan” are gone someday? Can you be mesmerized by the beauty of a wasteland? What if one day the indomitable human spirit fizzles out? We are catching the same tail end of the human race. Like a dinosaur born before the meteor. Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust.

  14. It wasn’t today, it was 10 days ago. That is, if you’re talking about the one at ingraham high school, and I don’t think there’s been a new one

  15. I know this is a joke, but if anyone here actually needs this, please as someone who was about to take their own life, lived miserably the best years of their life, a sad and awkward person, don't do it. I know how you feel, that there is no solution, no way to fix your joke of a life, that you are God's bad joke on this green earth, that no one could like you because you are convinced you are a repulsive and sad piece of shit. I know because I felt it and will feel it. I am victim of conditions I don't feel like explaining but my life is taking a turn, I'm meeting new people, and I found out I'm a great listener! People really appreciate it and everyone needs someone that is genuinely interested about their shit, while not being a jackass but understanding. I met the most beautiful girl and I got that little courage I had left and spoke to her, and I got her number! I'm learning an instrument too. I'm taking good care of my hygiene, washing my teeth everyday, taking multiple showers. I started going back to the gym and fixing my crooked back. My therapist says I'm improving a looot. And even now I know my condition will come back to torment me, I will fall right back into misery in months from now, but it is worth it for what I'm getting, new friends, new skills, new hobbies, and finally the possibility to give someone all the love I never gave to myself. I am not attractive at all, I'm very socially awkward, was bullied, and lost the best years of my childhood. But I am still alive. I hope when my condition takes over again there will be someone to stop me from doing it. I don't want to die, life is so so short and I realize it only now that I enjoy life. You husk of a person that are reading this, don't do it, it actually does get better and I was so shocked when it did get better even for a hopeless piece of shit like me. Grab what little of your corpselike person is left of you and go to therapy, speak to a good friend if you have any. Do anything but don't take your life. I'm here, living proof that it does get better.

  16. Ok but what do you do if you’ve tried to better yourself and failed miserably and are simultaneously too scared of pain to deal with it in an unhealthy way, thus leaving you to your sad existence of invisibility where nobody sees you except for to laugh at one fleeting joke you make, a joke which you cling to desperately to get people to not look away, but you take the joke too far and then everyone thinks you’re annoying again.

  17. This actually made me start crying. I’m not even joking. My eyes got watery, my nose was sniffly and everything. I hate this

  18. Jokes on you, we’re renovating our kitchen, we’ve been using disposable cups, plates, and utensils. We’ve only built up one dishwasher loads worth of dishes, and they’re already done. Checkmate, scout from team fortress two

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